Tarek el Moussa Net Worth, Bio, Age Career and many more

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Tarek el Moussa Net Worth

American investor and TV personality Tarek el Moussa Net Worth $60 million due to his real estate and television successes. With $200,000 each episode and millions in real estate profits, El Moussa’s financial success is tied to these two areas.

Tarek el Moussa Net Worth $60 million

In 2011, El Moussa launched his career by co-hosting the hit HGTV reality show “Flip or Flop” with his ex-wife Christina Haack for 10 seasons. The show follows the duo’s acquisition, restoration, and sale of dilapidated properties. Tarek El Moussa also appears on “Flipping 101 with Tarek El Moussa” and “Tarek El Moussa: Flipping Fury.” In addition to television, he wrote “Flipping Your Way to Riches” and “Fixer Upper Frenzy.” Since 2008, El Moussa and Haack have flipped over 100 Southern California homes. He focuses on refurbishment and design, with Haack’s marketing and sales skills. The story of Tarek El Moussa’s financial success is one of shrewd real estate investments, television popularity, and endorsements and speaking engagements.

NameTarek El Moussa
Net Worth$60 Million
ProfessionAmerican Investor And TV Personality
Salary$1 Million Per Episode
Yearly Income$5 Million +
Monthly Income$5,00,000
Annual Expenses$7,00,000 +

Tarek El Moussa Net Worth growth 

Net Worth$60 Million USD
Salary per Episode$1 Million
Real Estate Income$6 Million
Monthly Income$5,00,000 +
Known forFlip or Flop; Flipping 101 with Tarek El Moussa

Tarek El Moussa Assets & Investments

Tarek El Moussa has succeeded in real estate, television, and diversified his wealth. Tarek’s amazing portfolio as of now includes:


More than 9 properties.

Collection of Vehicles

11 vehicles. Maritime Assets:

Three luxurious yachts. Financial Portfolio:

Over $15 million cash.

A $10 million portfolio of 6 stocks.

Tarek El Moussa’s stock portfolio includes holdings in major companies such as:

  • ViacomCBS
  • Phone company Verizon
  • General Motors
  • PepsiCo and P&G

Tarek’s wealth management strategy combines real estate, cash assets, and established company investments. Being an entrepreneur and investor has helped Tarek navigate markets and make smart financial decisions, increasing his net worth and financial security.

Tarek El Moussa Cars

Tarek El Moussa bought a $790,000 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT. Tarek El Moussa owns a $150,000 Jaguar I-Pace. Below are Tarek El Moussa’s previous automobiles. 

The BMW X9 

 Ferrari Portofino

Audi Q2

Tarek El Moussa House

Long Beach resident Tarek El Moussa lives in a 5,000-square-foot palatial home. Tarek El Moussa paid $7 million for his residence. This magnificent home has a 600-square-foot balcony, an indoor pool, 7 bathrooms, and 5 bedrooms.

Tarek El Moussa moved into this house following modest architectural and interior changes. Tarek El Moussa spent $400,000 more on repairs. Visit David Spade Net Worth.

Facts about Tarek El Moussa

Tarek El Moussa’s Zodiac SignTaurus
Favorite ActorLeonardo DiCaprio
Favorite DishPotato Chips
Favorite ColourPurple
Pet nameEcho
Favorite SportBadminton
Favorite Music ArtistMichael Jackson
Favorite Holiday DestinationSpain

Tarek El Moussa’s Balance Sheet, Income Statement

Assets$3 Million +
Gold Reserves$70,000 +
Luxury Cars10 +
Luxury Watches20 +
Stock Portfolio$3 Million +
Luxury Yachts1 +
Loans & Liabilities$1 Million +
Crypto Investments$500,000 +
Investment$35 Million +
Salary$1 Million Per Episode
Monthly Income$5,00,000
Annual Income$5 Million +
Annual Expense$7,00,000 +
Taxes Paid$400,000 +
Royalty Income$14 Million +

Early Life 

His father is Moroccan, and Tarek El Moussa was born in California on August 21, 1981. He married Christina El Moussa in 2009 and had Taylor and Brayden. The 2011 hit HGTV reality show “Flip or Flop,” co-hosted by the couple, chronicled their personal and professional experience. The pair split due to marital issues despite their public collaboration. Tarek and Christina El Moussa divorced in 2016, a major life change. Despite their divorce, Tarek has succeeded in real estate and television, demonstrating persistence and determination in both fields.


In 2002, Tarek El Moussa graduated from San Diego University and got his real estate licence at 21. Tarek achieved records in real estate sales for five years, but the 2008 financial crisis forced him to switch to property flipping.

Christina helped them succeed with their new plan. The couple sent an audition film to HGTV to pitch their house flipping show idea. HGTV saw the potential and created “Flip or Flop.”

Tarek and Christina’s dynamic approach to real estate and house flipping captivated viewers for ten seasons, consolidating their television presence. This professional change helped Tarek El Moussa gain notoriety in real estate and television.


Tarek El Moussa got his real estate licence aged 21. He and his ex-wife flipped Orange County houses. In 2011, HGTV discovered the couple’s audition tape, which changed their careers. On April 16, 2013, “Flip or Flop” debuted after the network signed them for a weekly show. The couple runs ‘The El Moussa Group’ real estate brokerage in California in addition to their TV fame.

The pair bought a Santa Ana investment property for $115,000 and sold it for $34,000, taking advantage of California’s high foreclosure rate. Tarek, Christina, and Pete De Best, a friend and business partner, split the profits and kept flipping houses. Real estate investing in Arizona and Nevada increased their success outside California.

Tarek’s commercial ability and persistence helped him rise in real estate despite obstacles. Tarek El Moussa’s $15 million net worth in December 2023 shows his real estate and television expertise.

Personal strengths and productivity of Tarek El Moussa

Tarek El Moussa credits his achievement to his low-stress, healthy lifestyle and professional accomplishment. Tarek, a two-time cancer survivor, stresses well-being. He admits that his divorce from Christina El Moussa affected his physical and mental wellbeing.

Despite hurdles, Tarek is grateful for conquering cancer and uses it to improve his life. He believes that laughter is the best cure for any health situation. Tarek’s tenacity in overcoming personal and health issues inspires the value of a good mentality and balanced lifestyle for success and well-being.

How rich is Tarek El Moussa?

Famous real estate investor and entrepreneur Tarek El Moussa has an estimated $10 million wealth. Besides his reality TV show, El Moussa has diversified his investments, demonstrating his business savvy. He engaged in a building company in addition to his television activities, boosting his real estate influence. Tarek also has a large real estate portfolio, displaying prudent wealth management and investing. His multifarious success shows his ability to negotiate the real estate sector, boosting his finances.

Tarek El Moussa Net Worth Growth

YearNet Worth (Million)
Tarek El Moussa Net Worth in 2023$60 Million
Tarek El Moussa Net Worth in 2022$55 Million
Tarek El Moussa Net Worth in 2021$50 Million
Tarek El Moussa Net Worth in 2020$45 Million
Tarek El Moussa Net Worth in 2019$40 Million
Tarek El Moussa Net Worth in 2018$35 Million

HGTV and Rise to Fame

As the global economy recovered, Tarek and Christina’s real estate firm thrived. As a coincidence, Tarek and Christina filmed themselves flipping a house in 2011 for an audition tape. This impulsive decision paid off when Pie Town Productions and HGTV noticed the clip and Christina’s Instagram. The team partnered with HGTV in 2012, launching “Flip or Flop” in April 2013. The series follows the couple’s bidding, renovation, and resale of houses. Tarek handles renovations, while Christina handles design and scheduling. The couple shot 92 episodes over seven seasons between 2013 and 2017, as the show’s popularity grew.

HGTV launched Tarek’s new show, “Flipping 101 with Tarek El Moussa,” in 2020. He mentors real estate newbies and shares flip secrets. In March 2023, HGTV premiered “The Flipping El Moussas” with Tarek and his second wife, Heather Rae. This TV expansion shows Tarek’s lasting influence in real estate and home renovation entertainment.

Cancer Diagnosis

Registered nurse Ryan Reade, a fan of “Flip or Flop,” saved Tarek El Moussa’s life in 2013. Reade wrote to the program’s production company to have a doctor examine Tarek’s neck lump. This seemingly simple act was vital after Tarek was diagnosed with testicular and thyroid cancer. Reade helped Tarek get timely medical treatment by raising awareness of the potential health risk, avoiding it from worsening.

The El Moussas praised Ryan Reade in a video, demonstrating the power of alert fans and genuine concern. The incident demonstrated the strength of community and support and how television audiences may unexpectedly help their idols.

What does Tarek el Moussa earn from HGTV?

Early in “Flip or Flop,” Christina and Tarek, the dynamic real estate combo, started with a modest salary. In the beginning, they made $10,000 every episode, or $130,000 per season. As the show gained popularity and viewers, the pair negotiated a higher payout structure.

Christina and Tarek’s revenues increased significantly by the show’s third season. Their episode pay increased to $40,000, totaling $600,000 for the season. This large compensation boost reflected “Flip or Flop”‘s success and the couple’s increased demand for real estate and restoration skills.

Divorce from Christina

Tarek El Moussa and Christina Haack split in May 2016, causing a rift in their personal life. The split followed a police call to their home. Tarek fled the house after an argument, raising concerns about his health. Tarek claimed he was not suicidal and had taken a gun on a walk to avoid wildlife, but the issue garnered attention.

The future of Tarek and Christina’s show “Flip or Flop” and their real estate brokerage, The El Moussa Group, was unknown after they filed for divorce in January 2017. Despite hurdles, they filmed the eighth season of “Flip or Flop” post-divorce, showing a fairly pleasant co-parenting arrangement.

The couple divorced in January 2018. After their split, The El Moussa Group became Tarek and Associates.

Christina Haack married Ant Anstead in December 2018. Hudson Anstead, their son, was born on September 6, 2019. Their marriage coincided with the acquisition of a $4.1 million Newport Beach mansion two blocks away. Tarek and Christina showed perseverance and adaptation as they started new chapters in their personal and professional lives after the divorce.

Relationship with Selling Sunset’s Heather Rae Young

The Netflix show “Selling Sunset.” real estate agent Heather Rae Young rekindled Tarek El Moussa’s love. Since July 2019, their relationship has become famous and appreciated. Heather, a Los Angeles real estate agent for the Oppenheim Group, also models for EMG. As Playboy Playmate of the Month in February 2010, she achieved prominence with over 600,000 Instagram followers.

Heather, from Southern California, began modelling at 18 and eventually moved into real estate, specialising in celebrities, musicians, and athletes. Heather is an animal rights activist and fitness enthusiast outside of work. Sebastian, Baxter, and Brandy, her three dogs, often join her beach runs.

During the second season of “Selling Sunset,” Heather openly discussed her relationship with Tarek, her love for him and his kids, and her close friendship with Taylor, Tarek’s daughter.

On October 23, 2021, at the Rosewood Miramar Beach Hotel in Montecito, the pair married. The Discovery+ episode “Tarek and Heather: The Big I Do.” featured their wedding highlights. The couple welcomed their first baby on January 31, 2023, marking a new chapter in their lives. Tarek and Heather’s tale shows love, endurance, and a happy, harmonious partnership.

Real Estate

Tarek El Moussa announced a major move in late April 2020, starting a new chapter with Heather Rae Young. They changed their minds about moving to Newport Beach after problems with the chosen home. The house Tarek bought after his divorce was sold, so they looked for another. The couple chose a modern beach house a block from the seaside to rent for at least a year.

Heather, who lives in West Hollywood to be near her Sunset Strip office, joined Tarek in this new business. Renting let them experiment with different living arrangements and find a property that met their changing needs.

They continued their trek. In November 2021, Tarek and Heather chose to move to Newport Beach since it was suitable for their growing family. This choice confirmed their dedication to establishing a stable and comfortable home where they could make memories. The Newport Beach mansion symbolized their travels and the start of a new era.


Tarek El Moussa’s rise from real estate enthusiast to industry and television star shows persistence and adaptability. His success is due to his real estate expertise and ability to leverage his fame into other projects. Tarek’s net worth, diverse investments, and entrepreneurial drive demonstrate his financial achievement. Beyond the stats, Tarek’s cancer and divorce show the necessity of a positive outlook and healthy lifestyle for success. As Tarek makes waves in real estate and television, his tale inspires ambitious entrepreneurs and others facing personal and professional struggles.

Tarek El Moussa FAQs:

Q: Tarek El Moussa’s wealth?

A: According to estimates, Tarek El Moussa is worth $60 million. His success in real estate, television, and investments made him rich.

Q: How much does Tarek El Moussa make per episode?

A: Tarek El Moussa makes $200,000 per episode on “Flip or Flop.”

Q: Tarek El Moussa’s real estate investment strategy?

A: Tarek El Moussa buys dilapidated buildings, renovates them, and resells them. He flipped over 100 Southern California homes.

Q: What other TV series has Tarek El Moussa appeared in?

A: Besides “Flip or Flop,” Tarek El Moussa has been on HGTV shows “Flipping 101 with Tarek El Moussa” and “Tarek El Moussa: Flipping Fury.”

Q: Tarek El Moussa and Christina Haack divorced when?

A: Christina Haack and Tarek El Moussa divorced in 2016. Despite their divorce, they co-hosted “Flip or Flop”.

Q: Who is Tarek El Moussa’s wife now?

A: The Netflix episode “Selling Sunset.” real estate agent Heather Rae Young is Tarek El Moussa’s wife. They married Oct. 23, 2021.

Q: How many properties does Tarek El Moussa own?

A: Tarek El Moussa owns 9 properties, including his Newport Beach home.

Q: Tarek El Moussa’s investments?

A: Tarek El Moussa owns ViacomCBS, Verizon Communications, General Motors, PepsiCo, and Procter & Gamble stocks.

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