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Cameron Friscia

Veteran Cameron Friscia works for Coatue Management. Being Kat Timpf’s husband made him famous. He married a famous American writer, libertarian columnist, TV host, and comedian. She stood out on Fox’s Greg Gutfeld Show.Their remarkable path has drawn attention to Cameron Friscia and Katherine Clare Timpf, a resilient and engaging pair. Military veteran Cameron’s career change shows his commitment to their marriage. After leaving the military, he entered finance. This intentional shift shows his versatility and family priority. An investor and banking career fits his family-oriented lifestyle. Fox News newsreader Kat Timpf compliments Cameron’s path with her own accomplishments and media presence. They form a dynamic alliance between military service and media visibility. Cameron’s commitment to his spouse and family and Kat’s professional achievement reveal their bond. Their narrative celebrates love, adaptation, and a joyful existence together.

Cameron Friscia’s profile summary 

Full nameCameron James Frascia
AliasCameron Frascia
Date of birthAugust 10th, 1986
Zodiac signLeo
Place of birthNew York City, United States
EthnicityWhite Caucasian
Current residenceBrooklyn, New York, US
Marital statusMarried (m.2021)
SpouseKatherine Clare Timpf
Height in cm173
Height in ft5’8″
Hair colourDark brown
Eye colourLight brown
SchoolChoate Rosemary Hall
CollegeU.S. Military Academy (Bachelor in Science)
ProfessionFormer Military, currently banker and investor
Net worth$4 million

Cameron Friscia’s Early life 

Cameron James Frascia, 37, is a New York City native born August 10, 1986. Choate Rosemary Hall, his hometown high school, was his first stop. His parents and siblings are unknown. Cameron pursued a Bachelor of Science at the U.S. Military Academy after graduating.

His completion of the seventeen-week Infantry Officer Basic Course at OTS Officer Training School shows his military dedication. This key period shaped Cameron’s military talents. Cameron’s school and military path shows a rigorous and concentrated attitude to his personal and professional development, notwithstanding his private familial history.

Cameron Friscia Career

Cameron Friscia worked in finance after military duty. Cameron retired from the U.S. Army in 2014 after 15 years as an assistant operation officer, platoon commander, Executive Company Officer, Executive Assistant to a bridge officer, and infantry patron commander.

Cameron entered finance after the service because he liked investing and banking. His financial career began with a wealth management and investing internship at Bank of America. He then joined Merrill Lynch Pierce Penner &Smiyj Inc., a Bank of America wealth management and investment business, to further his financial knowledge.

Cameron Friscia is a research associate at Coatue Management, where he helps make technology, media, and telecommunications decisions. His diversified professional career shows a smooth transition from military leadership to finance leadership.

Personal Life

Cameron Friscia married Katherine Clare Timpf on May 1, 2023, a major life milestone. American columnist and Fox News Channel reporter Katherine (Kat Timpf) is well-known. Through Fox News broadcasts, she has won over viewers with her wit and humour.

Kat Timpf’s engaging and hilarious approach has made her popular in the media, and her marriage to Cameron Friscia garnered attention. Cameron’s relationship with Kat is public, but his other family members are unnamed on social media. Fans and followers follow the couple’s journey.

How did Cameron Friscia and Kat Timpf meet?

Kat Timpf and Cameron Friscia met Raya and fell in love. Kat joyfully presented her engagement ring on The Greg Gutfeld Show in August 2020, announcing their engagement. Their adventure ended on May 1, 2022, with a secret wedding officiated by Fox’s The Kennedy Show anchor Lisa Kennedy.

Kat Timpf posted Instagram photos of their modest wedding, which was special to the couple. Kat said in an interview, “I am so excited to continue to grow with him and have the best time doing it.” Kat said that being with Cameron had changed her mind about having children. Their bond has transformed Kat Timpf, giving her hope for the future.

Wife and children 

Cameron Friscia and Kat Timpf remain happily married in 2023. On the celebrity-only Raya dating app, the pair met and fell in love. Kat joyfully revealed her engagement ring on Greg Gutfeld in August 2020, revealing their engagement.

Their love journey culminated in a stunning wedding ceremony conducted by Fox’s Kennedy Show’s Lissa Kennedy on May 1, 2021. Kat posted beautiful wedding images on Instagram, reflecting their pleasure.

Cameron’s wife, Kat Timpf, is a popular news reporter, political pundit, and comedian. Kat’s smart and funny analysis on social trends has garnered her praise on “Sincerely, Kat” and Greg Gutfeld’s show.

Cameron and Kat love their gorgeous cat and dog, but no children as of 2023. Despite the spotlight, the pair enjoys their journey together, sharing interests, a deep connection, and supporting each other in their work.

Cameron Friscia’s biography – Wrapping up 

Cameron Friscia is a retired army officer turned financier. After marrying Fox journalist Katherine Clare Trimpf, the investor became famous. Damian Lillard’s wife was extensively covered by Tuko.co.ke. Damian Lillard’s wife Kay’la Hanson. American businesswoman and qualified nurse. Kay’la lives privately, unlike many NBA wives. Kay’la Hanson has appeared in many NBA games with her husband, but she rarely interviews. Kay’la Hanson is multiracial because her mother is Puerto Rican and her father is African-American. 

What does Cameron Friscia do for a living?

Former military commander, researcher, banker, and investor Cameron Friscia has a wide and impressive career. He served as executive assistant to the Brigade Commander, infantry platoon leader, and assistant operations officer for over 15 years after graduating. Friscia interned at Bank of America after leaving the military to learn about investment and banking. He then became a wealth management and investing specialist at Merrill Lynch Pierce Fenner & Smith Inc. Friscia works as a research associate for Coatue Management. His diverse career shows his dedication to greatness.

Physical Parameters

Age37 years old
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorDark brown
WeightAround 143 pounds or 65 kilograms
Height182.88 centimeters or 6 feet
LifestyleActive and simple, despite a wealthy background
Notable FeaturesRecognized for his look, physique, and travels

What is Cameron Friscia’s net worth?

Cameron is said to be worth $4 million. He made money in the military, research, finance, and investing. His wife has a $2 million net worth, per Celebrity Net Worth. She earns as a writer, journalist, TV host, and comedian. What does Fox News pay Kat Timpf? Her Fox compensation is reportedly $350,000. 

Military Life

Cameron Friscia’s military service is admirable. Graduating and being commissioned by the army in 2004 began a nearly fifteen-year commitment. He rose from Assistant Operations Officer to Executive Assistant to the Brigade Officer, Executive Company Officer, and Infantry Platoon Leader. He became Platoon Commander, demonstrating his leadership and dedication.

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Professional Life

Cameron Friscia turned to finance and investing after serving in the U.S. military. He switched careers to obtain banking experience because he liked finance. Interning at Bank of America was the start of his financial education.

Cameron joined Merill Lynch Pierce Penner & Smith Inc., a Bank of America investment and wealth management unit, which advanced his career. His function as a dealer was to execute and facilitate financial transactions. Cameron’s transition into finance and investing showed his adaptability and versatility outside of the military.

Fast facts about Cameron Friscia 

  • Kat Timpf married whom? Cameron Friscia is her husband. 
  • Cameron Friscia—who? Research associate and American veteran. 
  • When is Cameron Friscia’s birthday?His birthday is August 10. 
  • How old is Cameron Friscia? As of May 2023, Kat Timpf’s husband is 36. 
  • How does Kat Timpf’s husband make money? He’s a Coatue Management research associate. 
  • Cameron Friscia’s wealth? His alleged net worth is $4million. 
  • Cameron Friscia lives where? He lives in Brooklyn, New York.


Cameron Friscia and Katherine Clare Timpf’s story shows resilience, flexibility, and military-media success. Cameron’s nearly fifteen-year military career as an officer and platoon commander shows his dedication and leadership. His planned transition to banking and investing after military service shows his adaptability and family commitment.

Cameron and Kat married on May 1, 2022, demonstrating the balance between military service and public awareness. Cameron’s career and Kat’s Fox News journalism make a powerful partnership. The couple engaged in August 2020 and married privately in a Lisa Kennedy-officiated ceremony after meeting on Raya.

Cameron’s devotion to his wife and family and Kat’s success show a deep love and delight of shared living. As of 2023, the couple is happily married, sharing interests, supporting each other, and looking forward. Cameron Friscia and Kat Timpf’s story shows how love and teamwork can navigate life’s curveballs.

Cameron Friscia FAQs

Q: Cameron Friscia—who?

A: Former U.S. military officer, banker, investor, and research associate Cameron Friscia has a broad career.

Q: Cameron Friscia’s history?

A: Cameron graduated from the U.S. Military Academy and was born in New York City on August 10, 1986. His military career lasted approximately 15 years before he entered banking.

Q: How much is Cameron Friscia worth?

A: Cameron Friscia’s $4 million net worth reflects his military, banking, and investing prowess.

Q: Cameron Friscia’s job?

A: Cameron is a research associate at Coatue Management, advising on technology, media, and telecoms.

Q: Cameron Friscia’s education?

A: Cameron received a Bachelor of Science from the U.S. Military Academy and attended Choate Rosemary Hall for secondary school.

Q: What made Cameron Friscia leave the military for finance?

A: Cameron interned at Bank of America after the service, developing an interest in investment and banking.

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