LL Cool J Net Worth, Bio, Personal Life, Career and Many More.

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LL Cool J Net Worth

James Todd Smith, better known by his stage name LL Cool J (short for Ladies Love Cool James), is an American rapper, actor, author and entrepreneur from Queens, New York. LL Cool J, a hip-hop icon, is noted for his musical talent and global music influence. His double-Grammy wins have helped shape hip-hop by spreading its beats and messages globally. However, LL Cool J faced personal hurdles on his way to success. Despite childhood domestic trauma, he turned his perseverance into music. Amazingly, this exceptional genius started writing songs at 11, demonstrating his talent and perseverance that would lead to recognition.

LL Cool J entertained and spoke out against domestic violence throughout his career. His dedication to utilizing his voice for good has garnered him recognition beyond his musical abilities, confirming his image as a socially conscious entertainer.

LL Cool J Net Worth

LL Cool J Net Worth $120 million fortune came from his diverse career and entrepreneurship. His 13 studio albums and two greatest hits collections show his rap success. Musician LL Cool J also worked in business. He launched two music labels, proving his business skills. His record label social media venture displays his adaptability to the music industry.

However, LL Cool J’s effect beyond music. He made an incredible 73 acting credits. His portrayal of Special Agent Sam Hanna in “NCIS: Los Angeles” cemented his television career.

LL Cool J’s business ventures go beyond music and acting. He also makes money producing life and wisdom books and starting a clothing line. Many sponsorships, leveraging his reputation to work with brands across industries, improve his finances.

From rap pioneer to versatile entrepreneur, LL Cool J used his artistic genius and economic savvy to amass a fortune through clever investments, numerous endeavors, and a keen eye for prospects outside the entertainment sector.

Net Worth$120 Million
Salary$350 Thousand Per Episode
Date of BirthJan 14, 1968 (55 years old)
Place of BirthBay Shore
Height6 ft 1 in (1.87 m)
ProfessionActor, Record producer, Writer, Author, Rapper, Singer-songwriter, Entrepreneur
NationalityUnited States of America

LL Cool J Wiki/Biography

LL Cool J Net Worth $120 million

The middle-class Christian family of Bay Shore, New York, raised LL Cool J, born January 14, 1968. His Christian religion and American heritage are embedded in his upbringing and culture.

He started his studies at a Naples, Florida, local high school. From an early age, LL Cool J’s love of music and acting trumped conventional education. His heart and soul were drawn to the entertainment world despite graduating from a Florida institution.LL Cool J Net Worth $120 million

LL Cool J focused on music and the performing arts because of his love of them. His passion and early interest in music and acting guided him toward a career in hip-hop and entertainment.

Full NameJames Todd Smith
Nick NameLL Cool J
LL Cool J Net Worth$120 Million
Date of BirthJanuary 14, 1968
Age55 Years Old
Birth PlaceBay Shore, NY, USA
Currently Live InLos Angeles
ProfessionRapper, Actor, Record Producer
DebutTV Series: The Adventures of Pete & Pete (1993)
Music Video: Radio (1985)
Film: Krush Groove (1985)
Years Active1984 – Present
Famous RoleSam Hanna in the CBS Crime Drama Television Series NCIS (2003)
EthnicityAfrican-American Descent
HometownBay Shore, New York
Zodiac SignCapricorn
School/High School– Local High School in Naples, Florida, United States
– Hillcrest High School in New York City
College/University– Local University in Florida, the United States
– Northeastern University in United States
Education QualificationGraduate

Early Life

LL Cool J’s rise from difficulties to fame shows determination. James Todd Smith, born January 14, 1968, in Bay Shore, New York, saw childhood trauma. At 4, he saw his father shoot his mother and grandparents in 1972 during a divorce dispute. Sadness encouraged LL Cool J to overcome trials.

For solace, LL Cool J’s mother, Ondrea Griffith, turned to heroin user Roscoe Granger, who abused him. With music, LL Cool J addressed these challenges. Church choir opened his musical horizons. Rapping at nine led to fame.

His jazz saxophonist grandfather saw LL Cool J’s potential and supported him. To launch his music career, LL Cool J received a Sears mixing table from his grandfather aged 16.

After observing LL Cool J’s determination, her mother gave him a Korg drum machine with her tax refund. His grandfather and mother helped LL Cool J overcome his background and pursue his music career.

LL Cool J Education

LL Cool J’s education began at a Naples, Florida, high school. His love of music and acting overcame formal education at a young age. Although LL Cool J graduated from a Florida university, his heart and soul were drawn to the entertainment world.

His passion for music and the performing arts led him away from traditional academic education. LL Cool J’s talent and love of entertainment drove him to pursue a career that fulfilled his ambitions, which led him to music, acting, and show business. LL Cool J’s ambitions to succeed in music and acting outweighed his academic achievements, propelling him toward a career in the entertainment industry.

Personal Life

In 1992–1994, LL Cool J dated Quincy Jones’ daughter Kidada. His long-lasting love story began in 1995 when he married Simone Johnson. They have four children, strengthening their marriage.

On one episode of “Finding Your Roots,” LL Cool J revealed fascinating family history. Finding out his mother was adopted by Eugene Griffith and Ellen Hightower. Through DNA analysis, LL Cool J discovered his biological grandparents, Ethel Mae Jolly and Nathaniel Christy Lewis. This investigation revealed his biological great-uncle, Hall of Fame boxer John Henry Lewis.

In August 2012, LL Cool J’s Studio City home was the site of a scandal. While upstairs, LL Cool J heard sounds downstairs and found a burglar. After a confrontation, LL Cool J subdued the invader and broke his nose and jaw. Shortly after, LL Cool J arrested the culprit, who was hospitalized for injuries from the encounter. This incident demonstrated LL Cool J’s toughness and ability to manage difficult conditions, protecting his home and family.

LL Cool J Family, Wife & Relationships

LL Cool J was born to businessman James Nunya and housewife Ondrea Smith. His family and love life were turbulent. The 1995 marriage to Simone Smith began LL Cool J’s new life.

Previously, he dated actress and model Kidada Jones. They split after two years.

Simone and LL Cool J have four children and a vibrant family. Their daughters Samaria Leah Wisdom Smith, Italia Anita Maria Smith, and Nina Simone Smith are significant. Their son Najee Laurent Todd Eugene Smith completes their close family. Beyond singing and acting, LL Cool J loves his family.

Father’s NameJames Nunya
Mother’s NameOndrea Smith
Brother’s Name
Sister’s Name
GirlfriendSimone Smith
Kidada Jones (Ex)
Marital StatusMarried
Wife’s NameSimone Smith
ChildrenSamaria Leah Wisdom Smith (Daughter)
Italia Anita Maria Smith (Daughter)
Nina Simone Smith (Daughter)
Najee Laurent Todd Eugene Smith (Son)

Physical Appearance

LL Cool J’s charm and beauty resonate on and off screen. Beyond competence, charm boosts popularity.

Fitness and wellness are also evident in LL Cool J’s physique. Personality and strength have made him an entertainment star. He exudes confidence and charisma due to his athletic build. By embracing his “normal body type,” LL Cool J’s confidence and poise enhance his many talents and cement his legacy in the entertainment industry.

Rap Career

Smith started his music career by writing and submitting demos. His demo delighted Def Jam Recordings, who released his first song. Short for “Ladies Love Cool James,” LL Cool J became a rap star. “I Need a Beat” sold over 100,000 copies in 1984, prompting him to leave high school to record his first album.

Fans and critics praised LL Cool J’s platinum debut album, “Radio,” which sold 1.5 million copies. This profitable album standardised rap and made it more accessible. His 1987 “Bigger and Deffer” album, which included “I Need Love,” was double-platinum and critically acclaimed.

Another 1989 platinum album was “Walking with a Panther” by LL Cool J. This was when gritty, gangsta West Coast hip-hop developed. In 1990, LL Cool J released “Mama Said Knock You Out,” a harder hip-hop song that was another hit.

Fans disliked his 1993 follow-up record. LL Cool J starred in “In The House” and “The Hard Way” after a sabbatical. Over 2 million people bought his 1995 album “Mr. Smith”. LL Cool J’s Grammy-winning “The Lady in My Life,” with Boys II Men, mimicked Michael Jackson’s classic and was one of VH1’s first hip-hop videos.

In 2000, LL Cool J’s “Phenomenon” and “G.O.A.T,” topped Billboard. The next four studio albums were mixed. Also, LL Cool J hosted the Grammys for five years and got a Hollywood Walk of Fame star in 2016. The 2017 Kennedy Center Honors made him the first rapper chosen. His Instagram message emphasized gratitude, inspiration, and dream realization, displaying humility and admiration for industry luminaries.

Acting Career

LL Cool J’s numerous acting jobs have shown his aptitude and versatility; his transformation has been impressive. In the high school football movie “Wildcats,” he made his acting debut. In 1992’s “Toys,” he played Captain Patric Zevo, marking his rise in film.

“In the House,” his sitcom, starred him as a famous ex-football star who rents out part of his property to a single mother and her two kids due to financial problems. That 1995–1998 sitcom reinforced his reputation as a multidimensional entertainer who could rule the small screen.

LL Cool J went on to star in “Halloween H20,” “Deliver Us from Eva,” “S.W.A.T.,” and “Mindhunters,” demonstrating his versatility as an actor.

In 2009, he played NCIS Special Agent and ex-Navy SEAL Sam Hanna in “NCIS: Los Angeles,” a critically acclaimed CBS police program. He has garnered praise for his depiction of Sam Hanna, the show’s gregarious and talented agent.

The popular celebrity competitive game show “Lip Sync Battle.” was hosted by LL Cool J in April 2015. He’s a skilled actor and an engaging host, and his dynamic hosting style and enthusiasm have helped the show succeed. In his acting career, LL Cool J has played a wide range of characters, demonstrating his versatility.


  • Radio (Album, 1985)
  • I Need Love (Song, 1987) 
  • Doin It (Song, 1995)
  • G.O.A.T (Album, 2000) 
  • Headsprung (Song, 2004) 
  • Kennedy Center Honors (2017) – Won 

LL COOL J Social Media Accounts

Social Media Links
InstagramClick Here
FacebookClick Here
TwitterClick Here

How much does LL Cool J make on NCIS: Los Angeles?

 For over a decade, LL Cool J has captivated audiences as Sam Hanna on “NCIS: Los Angeles.” As G. Callen’s trusty second-in-command, LL Cool J’s captivating and fascinating performance has helped the show succeed. His fame extends beyond “NCIS: Los Angeles,” as he’s played Sam Hanna on “NCIS” and “Hawaii Five-0,” solidifying his spot in other police procedural programs.

According to reports, LL Cool J earns $350,000 per episode due to his talent and dedication. In May 2022, “NCIS: Los Angeles” had 302 episodes, and LL Cool J was in every one. He remains a key character in television and entertainment due to his passion and contribution to the show’s success.

 LL Cool J famous Songs

Rap and hip-hop were shaped by LL Cool J’s hits. His beat and lyrics made “I Need a Beat” a hit. The early single showed LL Cool J’s aptitude for music dominance.

Another classic, “Mama Said Knock You Out,” showed his rhyming prowess. It was one of LL Cool J’s most recognized songs due of its combativeness.

LL Cool J’s “Around the Way Girl” shows his heart and storytelling. Listeners were moved by this impassioned song about urban life and relationships.

Boyz II Men’s R&B and rap in “Hey Lover” displayed LL Cool J’s flexibility. His romantic ballad was versatile and popular, bringing him wealth and praise.

These recordings establish LL Cool J’s music icon status through his lyrical genius, musical ingenuity, and cross-genre appeal.

LL Cool J’s Endorsements & Partnerships

Through shrewd brand deals, LL Cool J has made money outside of music and acting. Given his riches and position, he collaborated with Coca-Cola, Gap, and FUBU in fashion, beverages, and lifestyle.

Along with endorsements, LL Cool J’s partnerships have boosted his image and generated revenue. His Coca-Cola relationship was demographic. Working for Gap, a renowned fashion business, gave him power. Working for FUBU, a clothing firm, exposed him to urban culture and fashion trends, attracting younger customers.

Strategic alliances helped LL Cool J’s profile and income, showcasing his flexibility beyond music and acting. His flexible art and clever business and marketing entrepreneurship are shown by his successful cooperation with these famous people.

LL Cool J: Philanthropy and Giving Back

LL Cool J donates to the needy. He works to improve society, humanitarianly.

He founded the Jump & Ball Tournament for free basketball camps for impoverished youth. LL Cool J teaches kids life lessons and camaraderie via sports.

LL Cool J supports good causes. His Red Cross work shows his community and disaster assistance dedication. He supports sick and poor children by supporting St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Keep a Child Alive.

LL Cool J’s humanitarian work shows his compassion. His support of community improvement, youth empowerment, and humanitarian relief shows him as a caring, socially concerned person who wants to alter the world beyond entertainment.

3 Important Lessons from LL Cool J

LL Cool J’s net worth and success story are well known, so let’s examine his lessons.

1. No excuses

Your survival makes you stronger. You can use your past mistakes as a reason to fail or as fuel to light your way to success.

2. Be confident

Use your strengths, not weaknesses. Pretend till you succeed. Get dressed. If you’re not the best, act like it.

3. Out-work everyone

A crazy celebrity misconception is that they got lucky. In severe cases, they worship the devil and are Illuminati members. The opposite is true. Get rid of that idea now. Poor programming will keep you last.


LL Cool J Net Worth $120 million shows his music, acting, and business success. His career was distinguished by his quest of greatness and dedication to his craft. For generations, LL Cool J inspired rappers and pop culture. Rap legend for innovating new styles and inspiring future musicians.

LL Cool J’s music and acting have dazzled audiences. His consistent performance and distinctive parts have garnered critical acclaim and a varied fan base. LL Cool J’s smart business actions and relationships have increased his wealth. Entrepreneurship and brand alliances have paid well and shown his business acumen.

LL Cool J donates despite success. Charity shows his sincere desire to help. International superstar LL Cool J is a trendsetter, entrepreneur, and philanthropist.

FAQs About LL Cool J

Q: LL Cool J means what?

A: LL Cool J means “Ladies Love Cool James.” The stage name he chose early in his career reflected his appeal with women.

Q: LL Cool J’s career began how?

A: LL Cool J started his career by submitting record labels song demos. He released his first record when Def Jam Recordings accepted his demo.

Q: Which LL Cool J songs are most famous?

A: LL Cool J’s singles include “I Need a Beat,” “Mama Said Knock You Out,” “Around the Way Girl,” and “Hey Lover.”

Q: What roles has LL Cool J played outside of music?

A: LL Cool J is famous for playing Sam Hanna in “NCIS: Los Angeles.” His films include “Deep Blue Sea” and “Any Given Sunday.”

Q: What has LL Cool J done for charity?

A: LL Cool J supports charities. He organizes the Jump & Ball Tournament, which gives impoverished kids free basketball camps. His charities include the American Red Cross, Keep a Child Alive and St. Jude Child Research Hospital.

Q: How successful is LL Cool J in business?

A: Brand relationships with Coca-Cola and Gap have helped LL Cool J start a business. Alongside his showbiz career, he’s enterprising.

Q: Does LL Cool J have any honors?

A: LL Cool J has won many Grammys. He was the first rapper featured at the Kennedy Center Honors and received a Hollywood Walk of Fame star.

Q: How much is LL Cool J worth?

A: Recent reports estimate LL Cool J’s net worth at $120 million, a testament to his outstanding music, acting, and business career.

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