Who is Ryan Waller, Everything About Him and How He Died

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Ryan Waller

Young Knoxville resident Ryan Waller attracted national notice after a tragic and strange Christmas Day tragedy. When Waller and his girlfriend were relaxing in their Arizona apartment, their lives took a terrible turn.

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Waller was miraculously alive yet terribly damaged when the police arrived days later. They doubted Waller’s tale of the night, throwing doubt on his innocence. Not brought to the hospital, Waller received critical care hours later. Ryan Waller died from his injuries, casting suspicion on law enforcement’s handling of his case.

Fast Facts 

BirthdateFebruary 12, 1988
Date of IncidentDecember 25, 2006
LocationPhoenix, Arizona
Incident DescriptionHome invasion and shooting
PerpetratorsRichie Lee Carver and Larry Lloyd Carver
VictimsRyan Waller (survivor) and Heather Quan (deceased)
InjuriesRyan Waller survived with severe injuries
Legal ActionWaller family sued Phoenix Police and City for $15 million
OutcomeLawsuit dismissed by the City of Phoenix
AllegationsCorruption and evidence tampering against Phoenix Police
Date of Ryan Waller’s DeathJanuary 20, 2016
Cause of DeathSeizure resulting from head injuries
Family’s Continued EffortsSeeking justice, alleging corruption, and advocating change

Who Was Ryan Waller?

Ryan Waller was born in Knoxville, Tennessee, on February 12, 1988. He played guitar and rapped to his favorite songs as a kid. His father recalls his beat and lyric memory. After graduating high school in Phoenix, Arizona, Ryan dated Heather Quan, 21. Heather wanted to pursue law and Ryan wanted to play rock, but their bond overcame their differences.

Ryan Waller Early Life

His obituary states that Ryan Thomas Waller was born February 12, 1988, but died. He was senselessly murdered by his ex-roommate Ritchie Carver. Waller loved playing the guitar and could spontaneously compose song rhymes, but little is known about his early life. Ryan’s father, Donald Thomas Waller (Don), believed he could create songs instantaneously after hearing music. Technology and gadgets fascinated Ryan Waller. He was from Knoxville, Tennessee, although he lived in Phoenix, Arizona, where he died, possibly before.

Shooting Day: What Happened to Ryan Waller and Heather Quan?

Ryan Waller and his girlfriend Heather Quan had a horrific incident on December 23, 2006. With their housemate Alicia, the couple experienced a terrifying and violent episode. They had lived in a quiet cul-de-sac for a month and a half. After a reported argument, Larry Carver and his son Ritchie unexpectedly arrived at Waller’s door wanting payback. Ryan hesitated when he answered the door, apparently recognizing the intruders. They forced their way into the residence despite his resistance. Ryan tried to close the door, and Ritchie brutally shot him twice in the head. Ritchie murdered Heather on her room couch. Heather’s murder appeared to eliminate witnesses. Ritchie and his father viciously stole guns and a computer after the fighting, leaving horrifying, conflicting accounts.

Ryan Waller Police Investigation and Misconduct

Ryan’s father’s worried visit to their home sparked Ryan Waller and Heather Quan’s terrible story. Unfortunately, the police quickly picked Ryan as the main suspect, ignoring other leads that could have revealed the genuine perpetrators. Misdiagnosis of Ryan’s horrific facial gunshot wound as a black eye compounded his abuse. Ryan’s shock and bruises limited his cooperation during a two-hour police vehicle interview by lead detective Paul Dalton.

The Waller family filed a $15 million lawsuit against the Phoenix Police Department and the city, but it was dismissed on the grounds that Ryan’s injuries were unaffected by the wait. Despite this setback, the Waller family accused city authorities and law enforcement of corruption and worried about a biased jury verdict. The Waller family suspected systemic justice system corruption when the Phoenix Police Department was accused of misrepresenting the event date and falsifying evidence. Corruption in justice has far-reaching implications, as seen by Ryan Waller’s death and police malfeasance.

Shooting victim Ryan Waller’s unbelievable abuse by police

The police response to Ryan Waller and Heather Quan’s disappearance was frightening. Two to three days after the couple went missing, authorities arrived at their home and found Heather Quan dead and Ryan Waller miraculously alive despite terrible injuries. The cops arrested Waller instead of seeking medical help, which was surprising. At 5 am the next day, Detective Paul Dalton interrogated him at length. 

Waller’s injuries limited his responses and often requested rest despite the detective’s aggressive pursuit of Heather’s murder confession. Authorities finally arranged for Waller’s medical treatment after hours of questioning. After 35 days of difficult recovery, Waller lost his left sight and part of his brain due to delayed attention. Waller had seizures for years after the incident, highlighting law enforcement’s mishandling of his case.

Is Ryan Waller still alive? 

After 2006’s disasters, Ryan Waller faced many challenges. A seizure from his head injuries killed him on January 20, 2016. Waller was half blind and disabled after losing his left eye and part of his brain. His parents loved him until his tragic death.

The Most Talked About Story Of Ryan Goes As

Phoenix Police arrived at Ryan’s home after the terrible event and found something shocking. After two head shots, Ryan Waller lived. In an astonishing turn of events, he identified the gunmen. Ryan presented the police with a swollen black eye, nose, and cheek wounds from his struggle.

The Other Stories Of Waller Go As

Police recounted the 2006 Christmas Day shootings. Ryan’s father, Don, called him and his girlfriend earlier in the day to remind them of their Christmas dinner plans but got no response. In rising concern, Don and his wife drove to their son’s house, rang the doorbell, and looked inside but found no one. Fearing danger, they summoned police. Alicia, another roommate, got home before the cops but didn’t enter Ryan and Heather’s room. 

Even in daylight, she didn’t see Don and his wife during their initial search. When Alicia returned home late that night, the police knocked on Ryan and Heather’s room but got no response. The corpses were only visible via vertical slats. Strangely, Ryan was handcuffed and taken to a police car without his parents seeing him or being taken to the hospital.

Ryan Was Interrogated Badly 

Ryan Waller suffered greatly after his arrest. He was placed in a patrol car for four hours without medical attention. Detective Paul Dalton questioned him at the interrogation station at 5 a.m. the next morning despite his severe injuries and anguish. Ryan stayed quiet and wanted to sleep during the session. The police examined Ritchie and other matters. Ryan rebuffed the investigator’s demands to confess to Heather’s murder.

Ryan was tardily hospitalized despite major face injuries.

After hours of interrogating and pressuring Ryan, police arranged medical treatment. Don learned later that Ryan was gravely ill. Ryan’s serious condition was caused by a severe infection caused by delayed medical attention, doctors told Don. No rapid medical help was available. Rehabilitation was difficult after Ryan’s 35-day hospital stay. They amputated his left eye and part of his brain forever. He experienced seizures for years following hospitalization.

Ryan Waller’s Parents Want Justice

Ryan and Don sued Phoenix Police years after Ritchie and Larry’s sentences. Don, Ryan’s father, said cops lied about the shooting day. Investigator Dalton, who questioned Ryan, was accused of fabricating case narratives and tampering with evidence. Dalton had a troubled career, focusing on the wrong person and not concluding cases. Phoenix Police may be investigated over Ryan’s case. The US Justice Department contacted Ryan’s interrogators.

That Reason Ryan And Heather Quan Were Shot

Several theories explain Larry and his son’s Ryan Waller and Heather assassination attempt. Ryan and Ritchie may have clashed as past housemates with animosity. Ryan apparently opposed Ritchie’s Heather advances. Ritchie allegedly battled Waller with weapons. he also fought Eric, Ryan and Heather’s ex-roommate and flatmate. Ritchie may have envied Ryan’s lifestyle and fortune.

Mid-2010s Ryan Waller Died

Dignity Memorial and Legacy obituaries describe Ryan’s January 20, 2016 death nearly ten years after the incident. On December 25, 2006, his roommate Ritchie Carver shot and critically injured him. After a seizure, Knoxville resident Ryan died of a brain bleed. Ryan’s father didn’t charge Larry and Ritchie with murder because he thought they were serving life without parole.

Final Thoughts on Ryan Waller Case

A. Waller family wants case reopened

Despite many barriers, the Waller family seeks justice and accountability. They are determined to revive Ryan’s case to expose Phoenix Police Department misconduct and reveal the truth.

By advocating for their cause, they hope to memorialize Ryan’s tragedy and prevent police misconduct.

B. Exposing injustice is crucial

The Waller family wants justice beyond their pain. They wish to share Ryan’s tale to raise awareness of police misconduct’s devastating repercussions on innocent people. They think sharing Ryan’s story will inspire change, improve empathy, and underscore the importance of holding law enforcement to the highest standards of honesty, fairness, and professionalism.

Finally, they seek justice to avenge Ryan and prevent others from suffering.

Where Are His Parents Today?

Don, Ryan, and his wife have shunned the media since their son’s death. However, Ryan’s father, Don, periodically speaks about his son’s life, that fatal day, and his family’s search for justice in interviews and podcasts. Don will explain his son’s story and offer solutions. Presumably a September 2021 interview.


Q: Ryan Waller—who?

A: A house invasion and shooting in Phoenix, Arizona, on December 25, 2006, left Ryan Waller with life-altering injuries.

Q: Ryan Waller—what happened?

A: On December 25, 2006, Richie Lee Carver and Larry Lloyd Carver shot Ryan Waller and his girlfriend, Heather Quan, in their Phoenix, Arizona home.

Q: Shooter of Ryan Waller?

A: On December 25, 2006, Richie Lee and Larry Lloyd Carver shot Ryan Waller during a home invasion.

Q: Where was Ryan Waller shot?

A: In a December 25, 2006 home invasion in Phoenix, Arizona, Ryan Waller was shot.

Q: Who was Heather Quan?

A: Ryan Waller’s girlfriend Heather Quan died in the Phoenix house invasion and shooting on December 25, 2006.

Q :How did Heather Quan die?

A: Richie Lee Carver killed Heather Quan in the Phoenix home invasion on December 25, 2006.

Q: The cops initially assumed what about Ryan Waller when they arrived?

A: The police initially suspected Ryan Waller of killing Heather Quan.

Q:  What happened during Ryan Waller’s interrogation?

A: Lead detective Paul Dalton questioned Ryan Waller for two hours while he was in pain and unable to speak correctly owing to his injuries.

Q: What legal action did the Waller family take against Phoenix Police?

A: Phoenix Police and the City of Phoenix were sued by the Waller family for $15 million.


The mysterious death of Ryan Waller raises serious questions about the legal system and law enforcement. Ryan Waller, born in Knoxville, Tennessee, on February 12, 1988, was terrorized by Richie Lee and Larry Lloyd Carver’s house invasion and shooting of him and his girlfriend, Heather Quan, on December 25, 2006. After luckily escaping the attack, cops abused Ryan Waller unimaginably.

Lacking faith in him, the police arrested him without medical attention. Misdiagnoses, Detective Paul Dalton’s rigorous interrogation, and delayed medical treatment caused irreversible damage, including the loss of his left eye and part of his brain. In a $15 million lawsuit against the Phoenix Police and city, the Waller family’s charges of corruption and evidence tampering were ignored.

The mismanagement of Ryan Waller’s case was compounded by his death on January 20, 2016. Despite their efforts, the Wallers want justice for their son and to expose the investigation’s malfeasance to encourage reform and avert future atrocities. The tale of Ryan Waller underscores the need for justice system accountability and change.

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