Simon Guobadia’s Net worth: How Rich is he Actually

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simon guobadia net worth
NameSimon Guobadia
Simon Guobadia’s Net worth $40 Million dollars
ProfessionNigerian-American entrepreneur, philanthropist, and executive producer
Date of Birth2 June 1964
Age58 years old
Height180 cm(5’11”)
BirthplaceBenin, Nigeria

How much is Simon Guobadia’s net worth? 

Simon Guobadia’s Net worth is $40 million. He is a Nigerian-American entrepreneur, philanthropist, and executive producer Simon Guobadia is wealthy. He is wealthy because of his diverse achievements. Guobadia’s entrepreneurial pursuits have helped him make money. He supports causes and communities that share his ideals through his philanthropy.

In addition to being an entrepreneur, Simon Guobadia is an accomplished executive producer. Producing ventures has shown his creativity and increased his wealth. Simon Guobadia’s economic skills, philanthropy, and entertainment activities have made him a prominent figure with significant financial successes.

Who is Simon Guobadia?

Pioneering businessman and entrepreneur Simon Guobadia has contributed to the real estate market with his leadership and vision. Guobadia moved to the US for his career from Nigeria. He founded and runs SIMCOL Group, a real estate development and investment company in Atlanta, Georgia, which has completed many commercial and residential projects in the Southeast.

Simon Guobadia is known for his generosity and real estate success. He supports various charities, notably the Simon Guobadia Foundation. This foundation empowers Nigerian disadvantaged communities via education and healthcare.

Simon Guobadia’s 2021 engagement to Porsha Williams made headlines. Media coverage of their engagement raised questions about their relationship and future plans. Guobadia’s business, philanthropy, and public involvement demonstrate his influence.

How old is Simon Guobadia?

Simon Guobadia, 58, is an Atlanta-based businessman and entrepreneur born June 2, 1964. Petroleum product distribution is his specialty as Simcol Petroleum Limited’s founder and CEO. In addition to petroleum, Simon has worked in real estate.

After proposing to Porsha Williams of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” in May 2021, Simon Guobadia made headlines. Many were inquisitive about their relationship and engagement, which fueled media speculation.Simon Guobadia’s Net worth is $40 million.

Simon Guobadia’s high-profile engagement and career in petroleum distribution and real estate have made him famous in entrepreneurial circles and in the public eye.

Early Life

Stanley and Martina Guobadia had Simon Iyore Guobadia on June 2, 1964, in Nigeria. Simon’s Nigerian diplomat father, Stanley Guobadia, provides background. He comes from a diplomatic family, but nothing is known about his childhood.

Simon’s sister is Mary Awo-Osagie, a Nigerian, according to certain media.

Simon studied in Loyola College Ibada, Nigeria. He later decided to move to the US for academic reasons. He studied accounting and finance at the University of the District of Columbia.

His passion to school helped him graduate in 1993 with a finance and accounting major. This education prepared him for business and entrepreneurship.

How tall is Simon Guobadia?

Born on June 2, 1964, Simon Guobadia has established himself as a prominent Nigerian-American entrepreneur, philanthropist, and executive producer. His successful career has not only garnered him widespread recognition but has also contributed significantly to his wealth. Standing at a height of 180 cm (5’11”), Guobadia’s physical stature is noteworthy.

For a comprehensive understanding of Simon Guobadia’s life, career, and achievements, delve into the complete article. It provides detailed insights into the various facets of his professional journey and personal attributes.

Simon Guobadia Biography

Real NameSimon Iyore Guobadia
Nick NameSimon Guobadia
Date of Birth2 June 1964
Age58 years old
Height180 cm(5’11”)
BirthplaceBenin, Nigeria
ProfessionNigerian-American entrepreneur, philanthropist, and executive producer
Eye ColourBlack
Hair ColourBlack
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Sexual OrientationStraight
DivorceFalynn Pina (m. 2019–2021)
SpousePorsha Williams (m. 2022)

Successful businessman and entrepreneur Simon Guobadia has made a name for himself in several fields. After moving from Nigeria to Atlanta, Georgia, Simon studied and entered the corporate field.

Simon is a business powerhouse due to his dedication and work ethic. He has worked in technology, healthcare, and real estate, always striving for greatness.

Simon Guobadia is known for his philanthropy as much as his career. He supports charities out of a desire to help others.

Simon’s fascinating personality, tremendous professional achievements, and humanitarian initiatives make him a versatile corporate leader.

Simon Guobadia Career

Simon Guobadia is a successful hospitality and real estate entrepreneur. Guobadia has shaped the sector as the founder and CEO of SIMCOL Group, an Atlanta real estate development and investment firm.

He started in hospitality with Marriott and Hyatt. He learned a lot about hotel operations, management, and marketing from this early experience, which helped him succeed.

Guobadia founded SIMCOL Group in 2011 to invest, develop, and manage commercial real estate. The company has built luxury housing complexes, shopping centers, and mixed-use developments.

Guobadia has led SIMCOL Group to become a successful and respected real estate firm with a $500 million portfolio. Beyond business, the corporation is known for its philanthropy, supporting community and charitable organizations.

Simon Guobadia’s business ventures go beyond SIMCOL Group. Technology startup investments and real estate strategic partnerships are examples. Guobadia continues to impact business with his varied approach.Simon Guobadia’s Net worth is $40 million.

Simon Guobadia’s Personal Life

Simon Guobadia’s marriages and relationships have drawn attention. Formerly married to reality TV personality Falynn Guobadia, the couple married in Villa Christina on July 14, 2019. Both had children from prior marriages and this was their second.

After rumors of marital problems, Simon filed for divorce in January 2021, calling their marriage “irretrievably ruined.” Simon and Falynn divorced on April 22 after five years of friendship and two years of marriage.

After his divorce, Simon Guobadia dated Porsha Williams. Strangely, the couple engaged in May 2021 after one month of dating. The pair posted loving photographs and messages on social media, attracting media attention.

Simon Guobadia gave Porsha a $300,000 Rolls Royce Ghost in early 2022, which she posted on Instagram.

Simon and Porsha married on November 25, 2022, with an elaborate Nigerian ceremony and an American wedding. Media attention has followed their romance, and they celebrated their first wedding anniversary in the UAE. Fans follow the couple’s social media updates, which keep them interested.

Philanthropy and Community Involvement

Simon Guobadia’s philanthropy goes beyond business. As creator of the Simon Guobadia Foundation, he is committed to improving society. Simon supports many philanthropic projects through this foundation to improve communities and give people chances.

Simon Guobadia’s philanthropy shows his compassion and has touched countless people. Simon inspires donations and community support by directing his resources and efforts into important projects.

What We Learn From Simon Guobadia

Simon Guobadia’s rise from poverty to entrepreneurial success shows his perseverance and dedication. His experiences provide these lessons:

Venture diversity matters:

Simon’s success in energy and entertainment shows the value of diversification. Exploring different areas reduces risks and creates new opportunities.

The Power of Philanthropy: 

Simon’s commitment to giving back emphasizes its significant impact. Local community support and worldwide efforts based on passion can make a difference.

Personal Resilience: 

Simon’s high-profile partnerships emphasize the significance of flexibility and resilience. Life brings unexpected problems, and how we handle them defines us.

As Simon’s journey from Nigeria to the United States demonstrated, entrepreneurship is a global phenomenon. Ambitious people may succeed and create chances anywhere.

Balancing Professional and Personal Growth: 

Simon’s successful career and personal relationships demonstrate the importance of achieving balance. Life is more satisfying when both are prioritized.

Simon Guobadia’s life teachings can help people thrive in various industries while giving back to the community.

Simon Guobadia as a Financial Expert

After graduating, Simon Guobadia became a tax manager with Deloitte in Atlanta. After two years in this role, he gained excellent knowledge and finance skills. He switched careers to entrepreneurship in 2006.

Simon Guobadia formed Simon & Company, now SIMCOL Petroleum Limited Company, LLC, in 2007. He helped the SIMCOL brand expand as CEO. Atlanta-based corporation become a trusted global petroleum and logistics leader with consistent expansion. In 2023, the company’s revenue hit $7 million.

Beyond petroleum and logistics, Simon Guobadia’s business portfolio included manufacturing, oil and gas, renewable energy, and commodities trading. He proved his entrepreneurial skills by investing in local businesses like The Republic, DAS BBQ II, and American Cut Steakhouse. He also invested in Twelve Music and Publishing, Simon Paige Productions, and KES Entertainment Group.

Along with his entrepreneurial efforts, Simon Guobadia was CEO at KLC Petroleum Transport LLC, demonstrating his transportation leadership skills.

Simon Guobadia’s transition from corporate to entrepreneur shows his ability to seize opportunities and establish successful businesses across industries. Diverse corporate holdings and strategic investments demonstrate his forward-thinking entrepreneurialism.

Simon Guobadia in the Entertainment Industry

Simon Guobadia showed a strong financial acumen and a passion for filmmaking after moving to the US. His films were successful and influenced the film business. His notable works include:

“Jail Dogs” (2012): A short documentary with a distinct perspective and story.

The 2013 TV special “Ken Ford Live from the Buckhead Theatre” showcased Guobadia’s broad content production.

Guobadia’s flexibility was shown in “Kill” (2019), a drama mystery thriller.

The 2020 biopic drama “Son of the South” added to Guobadia’s striking repertory.

Besides executive producing, Simon Guobadia worked in reality TV. His marriage to Porsha Williams was announced on Instagram, and the couple appeared in “The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Porsha’s Family Matters.” Their relationship and personal life were shown in this reality show.

Simon Guobadia’s business and entertainment career demonstrate his versatility and success. His movies and reality TV work demonstrate his energy and entrepreneurship.

Other Investments of Simon Guobadia

Simon Guobadia’s $40 million net worth comes from his numerous business successes. Guobadia has deliberately increased his investments, but SIMCOL Petroleum Limited, his petroleum company, is vital to his financial success. His restaurants, “The Republic,” “DAS BBQ II barbeque restaurant,” and “American Cut Steakhouse,” demonstrate his hospitality skills. His financial plan relies on multimillion-dollar real estate investments for stability. Guobadia’s executive producer roles in “Jail Dogs” and “Son of the South” demonstrate his wide interests. His investments in technological startups and real estate partnerships demonstrate a sophisticated and complete wealth management approach. Simon Guobadia’s success in multiple industries shows the value of a diverse investment strategy.


Simon Guobadia’s restaurant operations have been successful and challenging. He spent almost $3.8 million on the Buckhead Bottle Bar. The SIMCOL Restaurant Concepts-affiliated pub closed in 2014 and filed for bankruptcy.

In 2017, Simon Guobadia opened Simon’s Restaurant, his signature restaurant. Its delicious food and excellent service made the restaurant famous. Simon’s Restaurant closed in May 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, like many other businesses. Although difficult, these events demonstrate the restaurant industry’s fluidity and the tenacity needed to survive.

Real Estate

Simon Guobadia’s real estate portfolio has been marked by significant transactions, particularly during his marriage to Falynn Guobadia. The couple acquired two notable mansions in Atlanta.

The first property, an estate in Buckhead, was purchased for $3.36 million. However, following their divorce, Simon Guobadia sold this property for $4.5 million, reflecting a substantial return on investment.

The second property was their residence in Sandy Springs, Georgia, a lavish mansion acquired for $7 million in January 2022. Details about the division of this property in the divorce settlement and whether it was subsequently sold remain undisclosed.

Despite the notable real estate transactions, information about Simon Guobadia’s current residence and whereabouts is not publicly available. The changes in his real estate holdings exemplify the dynamic nature of personal investments and the impact of major life events on property portfolios.

Cars and Other Assets

Simon Guobadia’s $2 million car collection shows his passion for luxury cars. Although his car collection is unknown, he is clearly a car lover.

Simon Guobadia’s Instagram feed suggests he likes fancy jets and vehicles. The airplane’s ownership is unknown, but his social media photographs show him traveling by private jet, which fits his successful entrepreneurial career and expensive tastes.

  • Phantom
  • Dawn
  • Cullinan
  • Three Rolls-Royces
  • Ferrari 812 GTS
  • Mercedes AMG S63
  • Coachmen Mauck 2 van
  • Cadillac Escalade

Social Media Links

Social Media PlatformProfileFollowers
InstagramSee Profile469K
FacebookNot AvailableN/A
TwitterSee ProfileN/A
YouTubeNot AvailableN/A
WebsiteNot AvailableN/A


Finally, Simon Guobadia’s life and profession demonstrate perseverance, determination, and variety. On June 2, 1964, Nigerian-American entrepreneur, philanthropist, and executive producer Guobadia was born. A $40 million man.

Through SIMCOL Group, he has prospered in real estate and other enterprises. Guobadia’s aid to Nigerian communities, especially through the Simon Guobadia Foundation, is evident.Simon Guobadia’s Net worth is $40 million.

Guobadia’s 2021 engagement to Porsha Williams garnered media attention. He is notable for his personal and professional life.

From Nigeria to Deloitte tax manager and business owner, Guobadia highlights the benefits of diversification. His hospitality, petroleum, entertainment, and real estate experience demonstrate adaptability.

Profitable investments, smart business judgments, and industry success made Simon Guobadia $40 million. His restaurant, real estate, and film executive producer professions show his financial diversification.

Business aside, Guobadia’s 469K Instagram followers and reality TV engagement make him famous. Guobadia’s apartment and private jet are unknown, but his social media posts show a love of luxury cars and a cultured lifestyle.

Altruism, resilience, investments, and balancing personal and professional success are Simon Guobadia’s lessons. His tale motivates businesses and others seeking success.


Q: Simon Guobadia—who?

A: The Nigerian-American entrepreneur, philanthropist, and executive producer Simon Guobadia has excelled in real estate, hospitality, and entertainment.

Q: How much is Simon Guobadia worth?

A: Simon Guobadia is valued at least $40 million. Entrepreneurship in real estate, petroleum distribution, and entertainment made him rich.

Q: SIMCOL Group?

A: Simon Guobadia formed SIMCOL Group, a real estate developer and investor. The Atlanta-based company has completed many southeastern commercial and residential projects.

Q: When was Simon Guobadia born?

A: Simon Guobadia was born in Benin, Nigeria, on June 2, 1964. His age is 58.

Q: Which philanthropies does Simon Guobadia support?

A: The Simon Guobadia Foundation supports philanthropy. The charity empowers impoverished Nigerian communities via education and healthcare.

Q: Who is Porsha Williams, and how is she related to Simon Guobadia?

A: Porsha Williams stars on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” Announcing his engagement to Porsha Williams in 2021 garnered media attention for Simon Guobadia. The couple’s connection has garnered media attention.

Q: Which industries did Simon Guobadia work in?

A: Simon Guobadia worked in tech, healthcare, real estate, and entertainment. His background and success span across industries.

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