Norma Gibson Biography, And Tyrese Gibson’s Ex-Wife

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Tyrese Gibson’s first wife, Norma Gibson, is famous. Tyrese is a successful entertainer. His acting and R&B music work is notable. Known for playing Roman Pearce in “Fast and Furious” Tyrese’s singing and acting are well-known.

Early Life, Biography, And Date Of Birth Of Norma Gibson

Early Life, Biography, And Date Of Birth Of Norma Gibson

Norma Gibson’s background is fascinating and varied. Her 1981 London birth gives her a unique cultural combination. Being British, she is naturally connected to the colourful and multicultural city where she was born. London’s international milieu may have shaped Norma’s viewpoint and experiences.

Her mother’s Israeli ethnicity enriches her background. This Israeli influence gives Norma a unique and complex identity. Israel’s rich history, traditions, and culture complicate Norma’s heritage. Her heritage of British and Israeli influences provides an unusual and unique cultural tapestry.

Norma Gibson’s mixed-race heritage enriches her background. The mix of races and cultures makes her identification complex and diverse. This fascinating blend shows how diverse civilizations are intertwined and how beauty comes from their junction.

Norma Gibson’s British birth, Israeli origin, and mixed-race identity demonstrate the beauty of diversity. Her story weaves together several cultures, making it captivating and distinctive. Norma’s history shows the global community’s interconnectedness and the beauty of recognising many ethnicities.


Full Name (Real Name)Norma Mitchell-Gibson
Height5 feet and 6 inch
Weight53 Kg
Measurement (Breast-Waist-Hips)34, 26, 34
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBrown
Date of BirthMarch 01, 1981
Age41 years old
Zodiac SignCancer
Birth PlaceLondon, UK
Current ResidenceUK
High SchoolNot revealed
CollegeNot revealed
OccupationModel, and Instagram Star
AwardsUnder research
Net Worth$ 1-3 Million
Annual IncomeWill be updated
FatherNot revealed
MotherNot revealed
BrotherNot revealed
SisterNot revealed
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusMarried
Spouse(s)Tyrese Gibson (divorced)

Norma Gibson Career

While not well-known for her own work, Norma Gibson became famous through her relationship with Tyrese Gibson. Their 2018 child support case piqued public interest and revealed Norma’s unconventional attitude to her duties.

Tyrese was required to pay child support, a regular divorce judgement. This case was noteworthy because Norma Gibson refused to work despite the court’s order. This action created concerns, especially given their child’s financial needs.

An unexpected dispute occurred in court. Norma’s legal team produced papers showing that her seven hours caring for their infant were fulfilling and busy. This unusual approach to labour challenged traditional views, notably on childrearing.

Her lawyers submitted documentation showing the demands and importance of her caregiving duties, giving the legal processes a new perspective. It complicated parental finances and gained attention for its unique approach.

Norma’s unorthodox technique, as described in court filings, sparked public interest. The incident revealed the complexity of their legal battle and unusual child support claims.

Norma Gibson may not be a public figure, but her unusual approach to caring for Tyrese Gibson piqued public interest in her life and the judicial processes.

Norma Gibson Personal Life

Tyrese Gibson married Norma Gibson in 2007. Actor and musician Tyrese is recognised for “Fast & Furious” roles. Tyrese’s fame made their relationship famous, and they had Shayla Gibson.

Their marriage had many issues, most of which were hidden until their 2009 divorce. In 2015, Norma Gibson exposed their custody battle and marriage cruelty charges.

Many American newspapers covered their difficult divorce. For their beloved daughter, the former couple battled a protracted legal battle. Tyrese Gibson was furious over Shayla’s mother’s interim custody. The court found that Tyrese hired a private investigator to quietly observe his ex-wife and child.

Norma Gibson reported physical abuse during her pregnancy with Shayla. A terrible incident occurred when her ex-husband beat their daughter. Tyrese gave Shayla one reprimand but denied her other claims.

Tyrese’s custody agreement required him to keep 100 yards from his ex-wife and child.

A 2017 interview with Tyrese Gibson revealed that he married Norma to ensure her citizenship, not because they were happy. He said that Norma was from London and needed to be close to their child as parenthood approached.

This complex narrative encompasses marriage, celebrity, court battles, and personal admissions.

When Did Tyrese And Norma Gibson First Meet?

Fate introduced Tyrese to Norma in 2002 while she studied in London. Her academic activities are confidential. A romantic adventure began when they met.

As their love grew, they started dating and made life-changing decisions. Norma abandoned her life and relocated to LA with Tyrese after meeting. Norma Gibson’s secret romance began with this landmark ruling.

The couple grew closer and decided to move forward. Their 2007 little wedding confirmed their marriage.

The year their daughter Shayla Gibson was born, their marriage transformed. A harmonious love tale became dissonant, casting shadows over their relationship.

The couple’s 2009 divorce heightened this tension.

Their path from fortunate beginnings to the complicated tapestry of emotions that destroyed their link illustrates the intricacy of human relationships.

Norma Gibson’s Age, Height, And Weight

Norma Gibson, 42, has filled her life with stories. She weighs 117 pounds and is 5’7″. Her face has a captivating charm and statuesque elegance that rivals the most discerning beauty standards.

Magnetic Norma’s intriguing aura may accentuate a model’s face. Her face features mix to give a memorable look. Her eyebrows and eyes intrigue.

The dark wavy hair of Norma conveys her life. Each curl reflects her strength and energy, revealing her personality. She has thick hair and brown eyes that reflect her experiences.

Not only her look shows her soul. Norma’s figure reveals her health and wellness ethic. Self-care shows in her body, eliciting admiration.

Since she married an actor, Norma Gibson’s life was bound to Hollywood. She has experienced celebrity marriage’s ups and downs, adding to her story.

Each year and story is a brushstroke on Norma Gibson’s life.

Height5 feet 7 inches
Weight53 kg
Eye ColourBrown
Hair ColourBlack
Hair TypeCurly
Body Measurements35 – 29 – 36

The Full Norma Gibson, the ex-wife of Tyrese Gibson

When Norma Mitchell became a celebrity due to her marriage to Tyrese Gibson, the media swarmed to her. Norma Gibson remarried Tyrese Gibson following her divorce.

Norma rose to prominence as Tyrese Gibson’s wife. The world was enthralled with her and Tyrese’s narrative as they tried to understand their relationship.

Norma’s second marriage started out unhappy and full of arguments. She divorced her first husband due to the cruelty of verbal abuse, fights, and harassment. Tyrese Gibson’s new era began.

Their alliance ran into long-standing difficulties. Human bonding problems caused their second marriage to collapse despite their best efforts and dreams. Their connection was stressed by their common expectations, experiences, and history.

In 2007, Norma and Tyrese Gibson tied the knot, giving birth to Shayla Gibson. Although the birth of their child represented fresh starts, their relationship still had issues. A few months after the birth of their daughter, their relationship reached a breaking point.

A chapter of common goals and objectives came to an end with the painful split. The connection between Tyrese Gibson and Norma Mitchell demonstrates the complexities of relationships, including its ups and downs, struggles, and the profound impact of individual decisions on two intricately entwined lives.

Tyrese Gibson’s Daughter Shayla Somer Gibson Belongs to Him.

Following their 2014 divorce, Tyrese and Norma Gibson engaged in a heated custody battle for their daughter Shayla. Their difficult relationship has revolved around their daughter since their divorce.

The media has extensively highlighted Tyrese and Norma’s custody fight for their troubled little girl Shayla. The public is enthralled with their competing claims to be the carers for their child. Who gets to parent the girl is decided by the courts.

In this case, emotions and the law hinder the legal process. Tyrese Gibson is quite unhappy with the 2014 custody agreement that granted Norma custody, as evidenced by a noteworthy study. He feels that it was unfair. Norma Gibson’s alleged disrespect for court-issued child-care directives further irritated him.

Early in January, Norma Gibson placed her 11-year-old daughter in the care of a reliable friend in their private community so that she could travel overseas. In a recent court filing, Tyrese claims that Norma “turned over” custody of his daughter to her friend prior to her travel abroad in order to ensure her safety.

Tyrese Gibson showed unusual bravery by offering to watch their child while her mother was away. It’s a challenging position despite his efforts. Norma left their child, who is very needy, uncared for for several reasons. Their situation is complicated by their daughter’s emotional needs, which frequently exceed legal limits, and their complex parental responsibilities.

The custody dispute combines the complexity of divorce, legal concerns, and parental affection. Their story demonstrates the difficult balancing act between individual liberties, family obligations, and collective decisions.

Where Is Norma Gibson Now?

After her custody battle with “Fast and Furious” actor, Norma Gibson faded. Tyrese remarried Samantha Lee in 2017.

After having Soraya Lee Gibson, their relationship worsened, leading to their December 2020 divorce.

Jaleel White, of “Family Matters,” honours Norma Gibson and Tyrese onstage. His custody battle with Bridget Hardy is bitter.

Their stories altered, resulting in shared responsibility. Jaleel White and Bridget Hardy raise Samaya White through life’s obstacles.

These stories explore the intricate relationship between personal difficulties, judicial institutions, and relationships. These stories show how one person’s decisions and struggles affect many. They discuss blended families, balance, and growth and hardship.

What is the Net worth of Norma Gibson?

Norma Gibson’s net worth is unclear, however her ex-husband Tyrese received $3 million in 2022. Music, film, and television star Tyrese Darnell Gibson is multitalented. Tyrese works in music, acting, and business.

Tyrese’s 2022 net worth is $3 million from his career. Project income, investments, and financial actions affect net worth.

Tyrese excels at entertainment and entrepreneurship. His businesses have helped him financially.

Norma Gibson’s finances are unclear, but divorced persons often have different finances. Income, investments, or financial activity may support Norma. Net worth statistics vary for famous people, but official statements or financial filings are most reliable.

Fun Facts

  • A Los Angeles court gave Shayla’s mother Norma Gibson and father custody in November 2017.
  • Kaufman that Norma Gibson and her ex-husband share custody of their kid in January 2018.
  • Ezoic Norma Gibson refused to labour alone. Norma and Tyrese are divorced but still fighting.
  • TMZ reported that the Fast & Furious actor opposed Norma Gibson’s attorney’s fees but did not challenge child support.
  • After divorce, Norma Gibson hasn’t talked about her life.

Final Thoughts on Norma Gibson

As mentioned, Norma’s personal and professional life is little known, but we’ve given what we know. We covered Norma Gibson’s net worth, relationships, career, and more.

Her life was fully explained. We also hope you read this material thoroughly. For Norma Gibson’s birth date, age, height, weight, and other statistics, see the FAQ


Q: Who’s Norma Gibson?

A: Former wife of actor and musician Tyrese Gibson is Norma Gibson. She is private and not a public figure.

Q: When did Norma and Tyrese Gibson marry?

A: The 2007 marriage of Norma and Tyrese ended in divorce.

Q; Do Norma and Tyrese Gibson have kids?

A: They have a daughter, Shayla Somer Gibson.

Q: Norma Gibson’s occupation?

A: Norma Gibson has a modest profile and keeps her career and personal life private.

Q: Do Norma and Tyrese Gibson have any legal issues?

A: Norma and Tyrese Gibson have had custody fights over their daughter Shayla.

Q: How is Norma and Tyrese Gibson’s relationship?

A: As of January 2022, they co-parented their daughter after divorcing.

Q: Does Norma Gibson work in entertainment like Tyrese?

A: Tyrese, her ex-husband, is an actor, singer, and book, but Norma Gibson is not.

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