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Don Felder Net Worth

What is Don Felder net worth?

Don Felder net worth is $60 million.

The Eagles’ main guitarist, Don Felder net worth is $60 million. Felder was The Eagles’ lead guitarist from 1974 to 2001, helping the band succeed. His writing of the Eagles’ “Hotel California.” is a highlight.

Outside of The Eagles, Don Felder has released several solo albums showcasing his musical talent. He has collaborated with several musicians, displaying his flexibility and influence in the music industry.

He has influenced music through his solo and collaborative work as well as his participation with The Eagles. Felder’s legacy as a guitarist, songwriter, and rock icon is solidified by his net worth.

Quick Facts of Don Felder

Full NameDonald William Felder
Born Date21 Sep, 1947
Age75 years
Lucky Number6
Lucky StoneSapphire
Lucky ColorGreen
Best Match for MarriageTaurus, Capricorn
ProfessionAmerican rock musician, singer, and songwriter
CountryUnited States
Height5 feet 10 inches (1.78m)
Marital Statusmarried
WifeKathrin Nicholson (m. 2010), Susan Felder (m. 1971–2000)
DivorceSusan Felder
Net Worth$70 million
Eye ColorBlue
Hair Colorgray
Birth PlaceGainesville, Florida
FatherCharles Nolan Felder
MotherDoris Rebecca Felder
KidsLeah Felder Cody William Felder, Rebecca Felder, and Jesse N. Felder
FacebookDonald William Felder Facebook
TwitterDonald William Felder Twitter
InstagramDonald William Felder Instagram
IMDBDonald William Felder IMDB
WikiDonald William Felder Wiki

Early Life

Don Felder, born in Gainesville, Florida, on September 21, 1947, began playing music early. He started his first band, The Continentals, in high school after falling in love with guitar in elementary school. Felder was inspired to play music by Elvis Presley’s thrilling performance on “The Ed Sullivan Show.” He was raised Southern Baptist.

Felder learned himself guitar due of budgetary difficulties. He practiced playing by ear using half-speed tape recordings. Felder worked at a Berklee-founded music school in high school. He learned some theory and music here.

Felder taught guitar at a local music shop for 18 months after graduating from Gainesville High School. He taught a young Tom Petty, who would later become a famous musician. Don Felder’s music industry achievements were shaped by his Gainesville upbringing. Don Felder net worth is $60 million.


Don Felder continued his musical adventure with many bands and collaborations. He had first success with the Maundy Quintet after performing with Bernie Leadon in a Florida band. Their track received radio in north-central Florida. Felder traveled to Boston to work at a recording studio after joining the improvisational rock band Flow in New York. He arrived in Los Angeles in 1973 and met the Eagles, starting a new chapter in his career.

He first performed on the Eagles’ 1974 song “Good Day in Hell.” Felder joined the Eagles after this collaboration, which coincided with their rock-oriented style. Felder sang “Visions” on the Eagles’ fourth album, “One of These Nights,” and he helped arrange the title track’s guitar solo and bass line.

Felder wrote the title tune to “Hotel California,” the Eagles’ biggest hit. Successful people faced internal difficulties aggravated by substance usage. The Eagles broke up in 1980 due to internal strife.

Felder worked on his family and solo career after the Eagles. He played session guitar on the Bee Gees’ “Living Eyes” album. His debut solo album, “Airborne,” issued in 1983, featured “Never Surrender.” Felder worked with Diana Ross, Barbra Streisand, Stevie Nicks, and Andy Gibb.

Felder continued performing after the Eagles broke up. His solo albums include “Road to Forever” (2012) and “American Rock and Roll” (2019). Felder skipped the 2013–2015 History of the Eagles Tour. He toured with REO Speedwagon and Styx in 2017, demonstrating his rock music longevity.

Personal Life

Don Felder’s 29-year marriage to Susan, whom he divorced in 2000, adds an intriguing element to his family history. They have four children, and their daughter Leah Felder married into the Kardashian-Jenner dynasty. Leah Felder married Brandon Jenner, Caitlyn’s son with Linda Thompson. Kris Kardashian is Brandon’s stepmother through her marriage to Caitlyn Jenner. Interconnected relationships in the entertainment sector often establish startling family bonds, demonstrating the complex web of generational connections. Don Felder net worth is $60 million.

Don Felder Married to Whom?

Don Felder’s personal life includes key relationships and family. In 1971, he married Susan Felder and had four children: Leah, Cody William, Rebecca, and Jesse N. The couple divorced in 2000 after 29 years of marriage.

Don Felder’s personal life changed after his divorce from Susan. In 2000, he married Kathrin Nicholson. Kathrin is a real estate agent, and her connection with Don Felder shows his outside-music career. Don Felder’s family dynamics reflect his personal path, from early marriage and parenthood to later partnerships and obligations.

Controversies and rumors

Don Felder’s exit from “The Eagles” and court struggle were key career events. Felder was fired from the band in 2001, sparking a lawsuit. The quarrel and court actions are crucial to understanding Don Felder’s career.

The legal struggle may not be detailed here, but it highlights the complexity of musical partnerships. Creative control, financial agreements, and human dynamics sometimes lead to music industry disputes.

After leaving “The Eagles,” Don Felder has released solo and collaborative albums, demonstrating his resilience and creativity despite professional setbacks. The lack of public allegations or difficulties about his personal life suggests a current focus on his art. Don Felder net worth is $60 million.

Body Measurements and Social Media

Don Felder has a compelling personality and musical talent. Felder, at 5’10”, 80 kg, has a presence that matches his art. Grey hair and piercing blue eyes enhance his charm.

Don Felder interacts with fans on social media. His personal Facebook profile has 224k followers. On Twitter, @donfelder has 20.9k followers, while on Instagram, @donfeldermusic has 47.4k. Felder interacts with fans on these sites, sharing his life and music, cementing his digital presence.

Nominations and Awards

Don Felder’s distinguished career has earned him many awards and nominations. He won four Grammys for his music industry contributions. His twelve nominations and Grammy wins demonstrate his consistency.

Felder won four American Music Awards in 1998 in addition to Grammys. It confirmed his influence on the music scene and his ability to connect with a wide audience.

Don Felder and the Eagles were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, a top music honor. This acknowledges their lasting legacy and profound impact on rock.

How many houses and cars does Don Felder have?

Don Felder lives in a luxurious Malibu mansion. The stunning 9,000-square-foot home sits on over three acres of lush land. Felder’s career success is reflected in this spacious and luxurious home.

Don Felder owns a Mercedes-Benz and other luxury cars in addition to his real estate. These purchases show his love of luxury and ability to enjoy his music career.

How much does Don Felder make per year?

Don Felder’s annual income is unknown. He is valued roughly US$60 million, suggesting a large income from his successful music career. Given his extensive contributions to the industry, including his time with The Eagles, successful solo ventures, and accolades, his annual earnings likely reach multiple millions from royalties, performances, and endorsements.

What investments does Don Felder have?

Online sources show that Don Felder has made smart investments, diversifying beyond his music business. Among these investments, real estate and equities are included. Such financial choices imply a sophisticated approach to wealth management and capitalizing on chances beyond the music industry. While precise specifics regarding his investments may not be easily available, the suggestion of proactive financial planning adds another dimension to Felder’s entire financial portfolio.

How many Philanthropy works has Don Felder supported?

Former Eagles lead guitarist Don Felder is known for his musical talent and philanthropy. Felder has championed several charity initiatives for decades, showing a dedication to helping others.

Felder has funded Autism Speaks, a major organisation that raises awareness, funds research, and advocates for autism spectrum disorder (ASD) patients. Felder supports Autism Speaks because he wants to help autistic people and their families, a subject that is gaining worldwide popularity.

Felder has long supported the Boys & Girls Clubs of America and autism advocacy. This organisation helps children and teens fulfil their potential by providing a safe and positive environment through educational and recreational programmes. Felder promotes community and mentorship by supporting the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

Felder dedicates himself to charity initiatives like the National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children. Felder supports this organisation to protect vulnerable children, advocate for their rights, and prevent and resolve abduction and exploitation.

Felder also supported the Starkey Hearing Foundation. This nonprofit is known worldwide for providing hearing aids and promoting hearing health. Felder supports the Starkey Hearing Foundation because he understands the importance of hearing issues and helping hearing-impaired people’s lives.

Felder’s Ruck N Roll Charity Ball participation shows his support for several charities. Felder’s versatility in philanthropy is shown by the Ruck N Roll Charity Ball’s association with fundraising events or projects.

Don Felder’s philanthropy spans health, children, autism, education, and more. Felder shows how popular figures may improve society by supporting and raising awareness for critical topics through his work with foundations and non-profits.

Don Felder Songs:

Song Title
Hotel California
Lyin’ Eyes
I Can’t Tell You Why
New Kid in Town
Seven Bridges Road

Don Felder Band Members (The Eagles)

Glenn FreyGuitars, VocalsBand Member
Don HenleyDrums, VocalsBand Member
Bernie LeadonGuitars, VocalsBand Member
Randy MeisnerBass Guitar, VocalsBand Member
Linda RonstadtN/ACollaborator


Don Felder’s career as The Eagles’ lead guitarist and his solo work have made him a rock icon and added to his estimated $70 million net worth. His musical career, highlighted by “Hotel California,” shows his versatility and industry impact. Felder supports Autism Speaks, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children, and the Starkey Hearing Foundation in addition to his music. Don Felder net worth is $60 million.


Q: How much is Don Felder worth?

A: Don Felder’s estimated wealth is $70 million.

Q: Which Don Felder songs are famous?

A: Don Felder’s hits include “Hotel California,” “Lyin’ Eyes,” “I Can’t Tell You Why,” “New Kid in Town,” and “Seven Bridges Road.”

Q: The Eagles’ band members during Don Felder’s time?

A: Glenn Frey, Don Henley, Bernie Leadon, Randy Meisner, and Linda Ronstadt were The Eagles’ lineup during Don Felder’s tenure.

Q: What was Don Felder’s childhood and career?

A: In Gainesville, Florida, Don Felder was born on September 21, 1947. Early musical career, different bands, and 1974 Eagles membership. Felder wrote the famous “Hotel California.”

Q: How many times and to whom has Don Felder married?

A: Don Felder married twice. His 1971 marriage to Susan Felder lasted 29 years until their 2000 divorce. He married Kathrin Nicholson in 2010.

Q: Don Felder’s career controversies?

A: The Eagles fired Don Felder after a court battle over his 2001 departure. The legal conflicts emphasized musical partnership difficulties, including artistic control and financial arrangements.

Q: What charitable activities has Don Felder supported?

A: Don Felder has donated to Autism Speaks, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, the National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children, and the Starkey Hearing Foundation.

Q: What honors has Don Felder received?

A: Don Felder has four Grammys for his songs. He won four 1998 American Music Awards. Felder and the Eagles were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

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