Deborah Dubois: Bio, Career, And More About The Wife Of Late  Barry Seal

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Deborah Dubois

Deborah DuBois became famous through her relationship with Barry Seal. Barry Seal was notorious for his role in the Colombian Medellin Cartel’s control of US cocaine smuggling in the 1970s and 1980s.

Deborah DuBois has kept a low profile since her husband’s death, despite Barry Seal’s exploits and legal fights. They married when Barry Seal was seriously involved in drug trafficking, a dangerous and controversial time.

Barry Seal was a key figure in the Colombian Medellin Cartel’s effect on US drug trade in those decades. Deborah DuBois, unlike Barry Seal, kept her private and avoided the media.

This article examines Deborah DuBois’s private life during her husband’s stormy actions. It illuminates her life throughout her husband’s questionable actions and her determination to distance herself from Barry Seal’s public persona.

Who Is Deborah Dubois?

Debbie Dubois inspired Lucy in ‘American Made,’ based on Barry Seal’s biography. Deborah, originally Deborah Seal, helped film executives discover her late husband’s life story.

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Barry Seal stopped by Deborah’s restaurant on his way to court in 1972. Deborah married Barry in 1973 at 21 after being captivated by his attractiveness, charisma, and adventure. Their children were Aaron, Dean, and Christina.

Deborah strongly rejects her husband’s drug smuggling, contrary to the film. Her 2015 Daily Mail interview revealed that ‘American Made’ creatively altered Lucy. Deborah admired Sarah Wright’s representation, but some of her personal experiences of animosity and rage were missing.

Despite its embellishments, the film reflects Deborah Dubois’s life, especially her struggles after Barry’s death. While dramatic liberties were taken, ‘American Made’ successfully conveys Deborah’s courage and endurance following her husband’s death.

Profile Summary

Full/Real name Deborah DuBois
NicknameDeborah DuBois
Birth date Dec 1961
BirthplaceBaton Rouge, Louisiana
Age (As of 2023)63 years old
Ethnicity Caucasian
ReligionUpdate soon
Sexual OrientationStraight
ParentsUpdate soon
SiblingsUpdate soon
Marital statusWidow
SpouseAdler “Barry” Seal (third husband)
Marriage DurationUntil Barry Seal’s death in 1986
ChildrenDean, Aaron, and Christina Seal
Famous ForBarry Seal’s wife
Notable EventsInvolvement in legal disputes over Barry Seal’s life rights
Post-Barry SealLiving on Barry Seal’s life insurance, navigating life complexities

Deborah Dubois biography

US-born Deborah Dubois grew up there. She’s Caucasian and heterosexual.

Dubois was most known for marrying Barry Seal. They had two sons and a daughter named Dean, Christina, and Aaron Seal after their 1974 marriage.

As Seal’s third wife, Dubois was important in his turbulent life. Former narcotics trafficker Seal became a federal informant. Their marriage ended in 1986 when Seal was murdered. Dubois’s life, intertwined with her husband’s, shows resilience and flexibility.

Deborah Dubois age

Deborah Dubois’ birthdate is unknown. However, since she met Barry Seal in the early 1970s at 21, Dubois was likely born in the early 1950s. Her 50-year relationship with Barry Seal illuminates her life’s major events.

Deborah Dubois Career

Career details are scarce for Deborah Dubois. She met Barry Seal while working as a cashier in the 1970s. Dubois quit after marrying Seal, a pilot who smuggled drugs.

Universal Pictures affiliate Imagine Entertainment made a film about Barry Seal in 2017 that illuminated his life’s connection to Dubois’s and their shared path. With Dubois’s cooperation, the film explored her struggles as a pivotal role in Seal’s turbulent life.

Deborah dubois marriage to Barry Seal

Deborah dubois marriage to Barry Seal

Deborah Dubois met Barry Seal during a difficult time in his life. Seal’s 1972 arrest for attempting to carry military weapons for Cuban revolutionaries while traveling to a court was important. He met Deborah DuBois, a 21-year-old restaurant cashier, at this difficult time.

Deborah fell in love with Seal’s charming tales of hazardous missions and became his third wife in 1974. Barry Seal was married to Lynn Ross-Barry from 1963 to 1971 and Barbara Dodson from 1971 to 1972.

Seal’s life was turbulent, but Deborah’s marriage survived until his 1986 tragic death. Raising Dean, Aaron, and Christina Seal was a delight of their marriage. Their family survived the loss of Jason, an 18-month-old son, and Michael, another son.

Deborah was important to Seal’s family, which comprised Lisa’s five children from her late husband, who had two sons from his first marriage—Lisa and an older son. Their detailed life story shows Deborah Dubois and Barry Seal’s struggles. Deborah was a constant in their complicated lives.

Deborah DuBois Husband

The unorthodox commercial airline pilot Adler Barry Seal was born on July 16, 1939, and died on February 19, 1986. His life changed drastically when he switched from pilot to a key cocaine courier for the Medellín Cartel.

Seal unexpectedly became an undercover agent, producing important evidence for significant narcotics trials. However, smuggling led to legal issues and convictions.

To punish Seal for his law enforcement collaboration, the Medellín Cartel hired contract murderers to shoot him to death on February 19, 1986. Barry Seal’s life is a tangled tale of crime, collusion, and bloodshed. His turbulent life was marked by dramatic role and allegiance changes, reflecting the complex and often dangerous world he traversed.

Deborah DuBois Children

Deborah DuBois Children

Deborah DuBois had three children with Barry Seal, a former smuggler: Dean, Aaron, and Christina. The five children fathered by Seal’s late husband include these three and Lisa and Alder from his first marriage. Deborah DuBois and Barry Seal lived a complicated life, which shows in their family interactions. The mix of children from different marriages shows the complexity of their relationships and the challenges of integrating lifestyles.

What Happened to Barry Seal’s Wife?

Barry Seal’s third wife, Deborah Dubois, struggled financially after his death. Deborah and their three children had to cut costs after Barry’s wealth rights were terminated. Even though she was broke, Deborah Dubois wanted to know what happened to her husband.

Barry Seal’s murder is blamed on the drug cartel, while conspiracy theories implicate the CIA. These other accounts cast doubt on the official tale, leaving Barry Seal’s death investigation unsolved. Deborah Dubois continues to investigate her husband’s mysterious legacy.

Did Deborah DuBois know about Barry’s drug business?

Baton Rouge-based cargo smuggler Barry was accused of smuggling at least fifty cocaine cargoes into America, each earning $1 million. Deborah Dubois maintained her ignorance of her husband’s exploits.

Deborah saw Barry as an airplane trader and enthusiast. His help in renting antique airplanes for promotions cemented this image in her mind. Deborah said she trusted Barry despite his fame. She never questioned his actions and claimed to have never seen him use narcotics. Her perspective illuminates their connection and the difficulties of balancing public and private life.

Deborah DuBois Life After Barry Seal’s Death

His struggles to understand Barry Seal’s murder. After her husband, TWA pilot Adler “Barry” Seal, was arrested for drug trafficking with the Medellín Cartel, Deborah’s life took a turn for the worst.

Barry Seal, facing charges, became an informant after believing a friend had made a DEA deal. He helped expose additional narcotics organizations. He was a key witness in high-profile cartel drug cases. He cooperated with the DEA and CIA, but they turned against him. Betrayed, Barry Seal died a decade later in 1986. Deborah DuBois, his third wife, experienced the infamous pilot’s complicated life, three marriages, and terrible end. The treachery and subsequent events show the complex and often dangerous interactions between drug traffickers and law enforcement.

Deborah DuBois’ Life Following Barry’s Demise

Deborah DuBois was devastated when authorities seized Barry’s properties, the results of illegal deals and drug use, after his death. Deborah told The Daily Mail that Barry Seal’s life insurance was her only source of income for their three children.

Barry claimed a million dollars in wealth, but his death left Deborah struggling with financial security. After Barry Seal’s turbulent life, Deborah had to struggle to support her family. Deborah’s financial and mental well-being was affected by Barry’s illegal activities.

Deborah Seal is Living a Life Away From the Public Eye

On February 19, 1986, Barry Seal was shot and killed outside a Salvation Army Center. Deborah ran to her children after hearing the tragic news from a friend. She recounted the horrific experience, “Traffic stopped me at a payphone. I told Deborah’s friend I don’t know which hospital to go to. They told Debbie to return home. No hospitalization. My children learnt their father died. I got them home. I cried in the kitchen.”

Due to Barry’s drugs trafficking and other crimes, the IRS took most of his assets after his death. Deborah and her children were impoverished after relying on Barry’s life insurance. Barry allegedly had million-dollar offshore accounts, but Deborah said, “The millions of dollars they said he made – if he did, he was holding out on me.”

The murder of Barry remained unsolved for years. An odd correspondence with Barry’s killer deepened the mystery. Three times, an unknown individual asked Deborah to visit him to learn more about Barry’s death. However, the connections were cut before any revelations.

Deborah asked, “Now, if common knowledge is the cartel did it, why would he tell me there’s something else? I suspect a dying confession. My contact with him is limited.”

After ‘American Made’ was released in the mid-to-late 2010s, Deborah Seal has kept a low profile. She avoids social media for fear of attention. Deborah, who never remarried, lives with her daughter Christina, but her life remains unknown. Deborah’s privacy stems from Barry Seal’s turbulent life and its lasting impact on her family.

Deborah Dubois net worth 

The US government seized Seal’s estate after his death. His life insurance supported Dubois and her children following his death. Thus, her net worth is unknown at this time.

Dubois sold Seal’s story to Universal Pictures in 2017. This deal allowed the development of “American Made,” and the corporation paid Dubois $350,000.

The Legal Dispute

Films like “Crossed Double” (1991), “Invader” (2016), and “American Made” (2017) depict Barry Seal’s life. Deborah sold Barry’s life rights to Imagine Entertainment, under Universal Pictures, for $350,000. Barry’s eldest daughter from his first marriage and estate manager, Lisa Seal Frigon, sued him in the 19th Judicial District Court over this deal.

Lisa sued Deborah DuBois and her three children, alleging that the film company was given Barry Seal’s life story rights without court or estate consent. District Judge Don Johnson said the script misrepresented Barry Seal as having five children when he had three with Deborah. Lisa claimed the script portrayed her father as a drunk and reckless pilot, lowering his estate and commercial worth. The court issue showed how filming real-life people might affect their legacy and inheritance.

Where is Deborah Dubois Now?

Barry Seal’s third wife, Deborah Dubois, has struggled financially since his death. Barry’s vast riches was lost to her and their three children. Deborah has lived modestly despite receiving remuneration from “American Made” producers for her late husband’s narrative.

She still wonders about Barry’s assassination and whether others were involved. While official sources blame the drug cartel, conspiracy theories allege CIA participation, albeit Deborah does not embrace them. Deborah Dubois’ financial and personal outlook has been shaped by Barry Seal’s death and life.

Social Media

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FAQs about deborah dubois

1. Who is Deborah Dubois?

Deborah Dubois, widow of Medellín Cartel drug dealer Adler “Barry” Seal, is well-known. She has three children with Seal as his third wife in 1974.

2. Deborah Dubois’s history?

he was born December 1961 in Baton Rouge. In the 1970s, she met Barry Seal as a cashier.

3. How did Deborah Dubois meet Barry Seal?

Barry Seal was detained in 1972 on his way to court, where Deborah Dubois met him. Seal, accused of smuggling military explosives for Cuban rebels, requested Dubois out during a hearing break.

4. What became to Deborah Dubois when Barry Seal died?

Deborah Dubois struggled financially after Barry Seal’s 1986 assassination because the U.S. government stole his assets. Barry’s life insurance supported her and her three children, so she lived modestly.

5. Was Deborah Dubois aware Barry Seal trafficked drugs?

Deborah Dubois believes she was uninformed of Barry Seal’s crimes. Seal was a narcotics trafficker, but Dubois thought he was a promotional airplane dealer.

6. What lawsuits involve Deborah Dubois and Barry Seal?

Deborah Dubois sold Barry Seal’s life story to Universal Pictures for $350,000, creating “American Made.” Barry’s first-born daughter Lisa Seal Frigon sued for script flaws and improper authorization.


From meeting Adler “Barry” Seal by coincidence in the 1970s to his 1986 killing, Deborah Dubois’s life was scandalous. Deborah’s story shows fortitude, quiet courage, and the search for truth in a difficult world, despite her late husband’s celebrity.

Deborah Dubois married Barry Seal in 1974, unaware of his Medellín Cartel cocaine trafficking. U.S. authorities took Seal’s assets after his death, forcing Deborah and her three children to use his life insurance.

Barry Seal’s film adaption litigation complicated Deborah’s life. After selling the rights, Barry’s oldest daughter sued Universal Pictures over the film’s authorization and accuracy.

After “American Made,” Deborah Dubois keeps a low profile while raising her children and dealing with Barry Seal’s legacy. Despite financial problems and Barry Seal’s assassination inquiries, she has survived, adapted, and sought answers in a life of shadows and secrets.

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