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Darryl Baum

Who is Darryl Baum?

Meet Darryl Baum, a Brooklyn native born on August 20, 1965, who gained notoriety in 2000 for his role as Mike Tyson’s trusted bodyguard and close confidant. However, his life took a shocking turn when he became the central figure in a sensational scandal – the shooting of rapper 50 Cent, with a staggering nine bullets. At the time of the incident, Baum was just 34 years old.

Despite his connection to such high-profile figures, details about Baum’s family remain elusive. What is known is that he had two siblings, Tyrone and Zakia. Notably, Tyrone, his brother, was outspoken about seeking retribution for the events that transpired.

This enigmatic tale raises more questions than answers, leaving a lingering sense of intrigue surrounding Darryl Baum’s life and the dramatic incident that unfolded in 2000.

Darryl Baum Childhood 

In the early days in Brooklyn, Mike Tyson and Darryl Baum were inseparable, their bond forged on the streets they both called home. Tyson’s release from prison in ’99 marked a turning point when he enlisted Baum as his loyal bodyguard following a turbulent period involving Tyson’s legal troubles in Indiana.

Tragically, their partnership was cut short when Baum found himself entangled in a web of adversity back in New York, ultimately leading to his untimely demise in June 2000. Tyson, deeply affected by the loss, showcased the profound nature of their friendship. In a swift and powerful gesture, Tyson dedicated his lightning-fast knockout of Lou Savarese in just 38 seconds as a tribute to his fallen comrade. Additionally, Tyson offered a substantial reward of fifty thousand dollars to anyone who could assist in bringing justice to those responsible for Baum’s misfortune.

This poignant episode underscores the depth of true friendship, revealing that for Tyson, the loss of Baum meant more than just saying goodbye to a buddy. It was a heartfelt tribute that echoed the profound impact Baum had on Tyson’s life.

Darryl Baum Biography

Meet Darryl Hommo, an American individual whose close bond with Mike Tyson went beyond professional ties; they were genuine friends. Darryl, with aspirations of establishing his own business, found unwavering support from his parents, who cheered him on every step of the way.

Their friendship, deeply rooted in their shared childhood, endured through challenging times, even involving periods of incarceration. Upon their release, Tyson stayed true to his commitment to support Darryl and secured him a position on his security team, solidifying their connection beyond the conventional employer-employee relationship.

The impact of Darryl’s passing resonated profoundly with Tyson, leading him to dedicate one of his knockout victories over Lou Savarese as a tribute to his departed friend. The closeness between the two was evident in Darryl practically making Tyson’s place his home.

However, the narrative takes a somber turn when Darryl became entangled in a serious legal issue, accused of being involved in the shooting of rapper 50 Cent nine times. In this startling account, 50 Cent was leaving his grandmother’s house when Darryl and his associates approached in a vehicle. Shots were fired from another vehicle, leaving 50 Cent wounded and requiring months for a complete recovery. The unfolding events highlight the complexity of relationships and the unexpected turns they can take.

Darryl Baum Wiki

Full NameDarryl Baum
Other NamesHommo
Date of BirthAugust 20, 1965
Birth SignLeo
Place of BirthBrooklyn, New York City, USA
Date of DeathJune 10, 2000
Place of DeathBrooklyn, New York City, USA
Age at Death34 years
Cause of DeathGunshot wounds
SiblingsTyrone T’Rock Baum (brother), Zakia Baum (sister)
Known ForThe 2000 shooting of rapper 50 Cent

Darryl Baum Early Life  

Darryl Baum, a true Brooklynite, was born and raised in the heart of New York City. While details about his education, including high school and any pursuit of a degree in Brooklyn, remain somewhat elusive, it is known that he harbored ambitious dreams of becoming a successful businessman from a young age, supported by his parents.

However, life took a tumultuous turn for Baum, entangling him in the dark world of drugs and gang conflicts, leading to intense feuds with formidable players in the gang scene. Throughout these challenging times, one constant remained – his deep bond with Mike Tyson. Their connection was akin to that of brothers, with Baum frequently finding refuge at Tyson’s place.

Both Baum and Tyson faced legal troubles, spending time behind bars in the ’90s. True to his word, Tyson upheld his promise to support Baum upon their release, facilitating his entry into Tyson’s security team. This act showcased a profound sense of loyalty as Baum became Tyson’s right-hand man, entrusted with significant responsibilities.

Adding to the family’s suffering, Tyrone, Baum’s younger brother, sought revenge but tragically met his end at a building site. This serves as a stark reminder of the transient nature of life, particularly when associated with the wrong circles. The intertwined tales of loyalty, tragedy, and retribution paint a poignant picture of the complexities within Baum’s life.

Darryl Baum Age

Darryl Baum entered this world on August 20, 1965, marking the beginning of a life that would later prove to be tragically short-lived. The pain of his departure is magnified by the fact that he left us in his mid-thirties, at the tender age of thirty-four. The untimely loss of someone with so much life ahead is undeniably devastating.

What stands out, however, is the enduring legacy of friendship that Darryl Baum left behind. In his relatively short time on this earth, he forged bonds that transcended time and circumstance. The impact of his connections with those around him serves as a testament to the depth of his relationships and the lasting imprint he left on the lives of those who were fortunate enough to know him.

Darryl Baum Career

Indeed, the connection between Mike Tyson and Darryl Baum goes beyond the professional realm. Baum was not just a coworker; he was family, a trusted companion to whom Tyson could confide anything. Their bond extended beyond mere friendship, shaping Tyson’s life and influencing the public perception of the renowned boxer.

Their narrative becomes a powerful illustration of the significant impact interpersonal relationships can have on an individual’s life, especially for those in the public eye like Tyson. It serves as a poignant reminder that behind every well-known person is often a dedicated friend or friends who have played a crucial role in supporting them throughout their career and personal journey. The depth of their connection highlights the profound influence that genuine friendships can have on shaping the course of one’s life.

Darryl Baum Darry Baum’s Net Worth

Darryl Baum’s financial endeavors primarily centered around his role as a bodyguard, coupled with involvement in some questionable activities on the side. Despite the lack of precise details, rumors suggest that he accumulated a substantial sum of money over the years. The speculation points to an estimated figure of around $70,000, though the exact amount remains uncertain. The secrecy surrounding his wealth adds an air of intrigue to Darryl Baum’s story, leaving the true extent of his financial success shrouded in mystery.

Darryl Baum Family

While detailed information about Darryl Baum’s family remains elusive, it is clear that his parents played a pivotal role in supporting his entrepreneurial dreams. Unfortunately, their names remain undisclosed.

Darryl had a brother named Tyrone and a sister named Zakia, suggesting a family structure that weathered challenges together. This poignant turn of events underscores the incredible loyalty and love that ran through their family, highlighting the profound impact of their connections and the shared bonds that shaped their lives.

Tyrone and Darryl Baum’s sister were the targets of the attack.

The intertwining of Zakia Baum’s life with the violent repercussions of gang conflicts became starkly evident when Damion Hardy targeted her due to her family ties with Ivory Davis, a rival gang member. This vendetta stemmed from Davis being responsible for the death of Hardy’s brother, Myron Hardy, perpetuating a distressing cycle of violence prevalent in the streets.

Zakia, along with Tyrone’s daughter, Epiphany Baum, found themselves facing Damion Hardy during his 2015 sentencing. Displaying immense courage, they delivered statements detailing how Hardy’s actions had profoundly affected their lives. She boldly called him out, asserting, “The only person you cared about was your alter ego, ‘World’.”

This sobering conclusion serves as a harsh reminder of the grim realities and irreversible consequences associated with becoming entangled in a world dominated by violence and the pursuit of revenge.

The Shadow of Violence in Baum’s Life

Darryl Baum’s life unfolds as a poignant narrative caught in a world where violence is not just a looming threat but an unfortunate part of everyday reality. His story, at times entangled in this grim reality, sheds light on a broader issue – the pervasive violence within street cultures.

In such environments, violence transcends mere physical harm; it becomes a means to settle disputes, send messages, and establish dominance. Baum’s life, marked by its tragic end, serves as a stark illustration of the profound and devastating impact that violence can inflict on these communities. It underscores the urgent need for understanding and addressing the root causes of violence in these contexts, emphasizing the importance of fostering environments that promote peace, unity, and constructive resolution rather than perpetuating a cycle of harm.

Baum’s Impact on Urban Street Narratives

Darryl Baum’s life story serves as a poignant window into the complex world of urban street culture. Each facet of his highs and lows, the decisions he made, and the narratives surrounding him are like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle coming together to reveal the larger image of street legends. His story offers an unfiltered and candid perspective on the challenges of living on the periphery of society.

Baum’s narrative is not just an individual tale; it contributes to a broader story that influences the urban experience. It encapsulates themes of survival, loyalty to one’s community, and the constant pursuit of respect in a challenging and unforgiving world. His experiences reflect the harsh realities faced by many within the urban landscape, shedding light on the intricacies of a life lived on the margins and the quest for identity and recognition in a tough and demanding environment.

Reflections on Justice and Redemption

Reflecting on Darryl Baum’s life inevitably prompts contemplation on notions of fairness, making amends, and the possibility of change. His story compels us to confront harsh truths about the justice system, societal neglect, and the arduous struggle to escape the pervasive cycle of violence and poverty.

Is it possible for them to break free from the constraints of their circumstances? This conversation is not only important but also inherently complex, delving into issues of rehabilitation, systemic support, and the capacity for individuals to overcome the challenges they face. As we ponder these questions, Baum’s narrative becomes a powerful lens through which we examine the intricacies of personal transformation and societal responsibility.

Daryl Baum Was Mike Tyson’s Friend & Bodyguard

The connection between Darryl Baum and Mike Tyson traces back to their challenging childhood in a tough Brooklyn neighborhood. Their bond endured even during their time in prison in the early 1990s, illustrating the strength of their friendship through thick and thin.

Upon Tyson’s release, he demonstrated unwavering loyalty by offering Baum a job as his bodyguard and right-hand man, underscoring the depth of their connection.

Tyson’s gratitude for Baum’s loyalty was evident when he dedicated one of his knockout victories to him after Baum’s tragic passing. Despite the unfortunate end to their partnership due to Baum’s involvement in street-related issues, Tyson maintained a connection with Baum’s sister, keeping their bond alive.

Even in triumph, Tyson made sure to honor Baum’s memory, dedicating a victory that lasted just 38 seconds to his late friend. During the investigation into Baum’s death, Tyson actively contributed by offering a $50,000 reward to aid in finding those responsible, showcasing the lengths he was willing to go to seek justice for his dear friend. The story encapsulates a profound friendship that endured beyond life’s challenges and tragedies.

Who Killed Darryl Homo Baum? 

The investigation into Darryl Baum’s tragic death uncovered a harrowing reality – his demise was a result of an ongoing feud with a rival gang, and the responsible individual was not only tied to Darryl’s murder but also implicated in six other deaths.

The perpetrator, Damion Hardy, had connections to the renowned rapper Lil Kim and was deeply involved in drug-related activities. Hardy’s violent act involved shooting Darryl in the back of the head, leading to his untimely death and causing him to bleed out. This already somber tale of suffering and sorrow concludes with a brutal act, highlighting the grim consequences of involvement in a world marked by violence and conflict.

Facts about Darryl Baum:

  1. Birth and Childhood: Darryl Baum, born on August 20, 1965, was raised in Brooklyn, New York City, USA.
  2. Relationship with Mike Tyson: Baum and Tyson’s deep friendship originated in their childhood in Brooklyn. Tyson later employed Baum as his bodyguard following Tyson’s release from prison in 1999.
  3. Involvement in 50 Cent Shooting: Baum was implicated in the 2000 shooting of rapper 50 Cent, where 50 Cent sustained nine gunshot wounds.
  4. Family: Baum had two siblings, Tyrone and Zakia. Tyrone sought justice for Darryl but tragically lost his own life during this pursuit.
  5. Death: Tragically, on June 10, 2000, at the age of 34, Baum was killed by gunshot wounds in Brooklyn, New York City.
  6. Connection to Mike Tyson’s Tribute: Demonstrating the depth of their friendship, Tyson dedicated one of his knockout victories to Baum’s memory, underscoring the profound impact Baum had on Tyson’s life.


Darryl Baum, a native of Brooklyn, rose to prominence as a notable figure closely tied to Mike Tyson, serving as both a trusted friend and bodyguard. His life unfolded as a tale of unwavering loyalty and tragic events, encapsulated by his association with Tyson and his role in the shooting incident involving rapper 50 Cent. Baum’s narrative serves as a mirror reflecting the intricate dynamics of urban street culture, emphasizing themes of loyalty and illustrating the stark consequences of becoming entangled in a life dominated by violence.

FAQs about Darryl Baum:

Q: What was Darryl Baum’s profession?

A: Darryl Baum primarily worked as a bodyguard, particularly for Mike Tyson, but also got involved in some shady activities on the side.

Q: What was the cause of Darryl Baum’s death?

A: Baum was fatally shot on June 10, 2000, in Brooklyn, New York City, succumbing to gunshot wounds.

Q: What was Darryl Baum’s relationship with Mike Tyson?

A: Baum and Tyson shared a close bond, dating back to their childhood in Brooklyn. Tyson hired Baum as his bodyguard and considered him a trusted friend.

Q:  Who was responsible for Darryl Baum’s death?

A: Damion Hardy, associated with a rival gang, was responsible for Baum’s murder. Hardy was involved in drug-related activities and had ties to rapper Lil Kim.

Q: What was the significance of Mike Tyson’s tribute to Darryl Baum?

A: Tyson dedicated one of his knockout victories to Baum’s memory, illustrating the depth of their friendship and the impact Baum had on Tyson’s life.

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