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bert kreischer net worth

American stand-up comedian Bert Kreischer net worth $14 million. Dated November 3, 1972. Kreischer became wealthy through comedy and other entertainment. His charisma and humor made him rich.

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Bert Kreischer Net Worth

$14 Million



Net Worth

American multi-talented entertainer Bert Kreischer has $14 million. In August 2023, Bert joked on his “2 Bears, 1 Cave” podcast with Rob Lowe that our $8 million projection “undershoots” his riches.

Bert, as “The Machine,” stands shirtless. He made great comedy specials like “Comfortably Dumb” (2009), “The Machine” (2016), “Secret Time” (2018), “Hey Big Boy” (2020), and “Razzle Dazzle” (2023). 2023 saw the film adaption of his “The Machine”.

Bert founded “Bertcast” in 2012 and co-hosted “Bill and Bert” with Bill Burr and “2 Bears 1 Cave” with Tom Segura.

In addition to comedy and podcasting, Bert hosted “Hurt Bert” (2004) and “Bert the Conqueror” (2010–2011; 2016). Created and hosted his 2018 cooking show “Something’s Burning”. He appeared in and produced many episodes of Netflix’s “The Cabin with Bert Kreischer” in 2020.

Bert writes and performs. His memoir, “Life of the Party: Stories of a Perpetual Man-Child,” was published in 2014. July 2021’s Variety Creative Impact in Comedy Award went to him. Bert Kreischer’s impact dominates entertainment.

Bert Kreischer Profile summary 

NameBert Kreischer
Bert Kreischer Net Worth$14 Million dollars
ProfessionAmerican solo comedian
Date of Birth3 November 1972
Age50 years old
Height185 cm(6’1”)
Weight(224 lbs) 102 kg
BirthplaceSt. Petersburg, Florida, United States

Early Life

Born November 3, 1972, in Tampa, Florida, Albert Kreischer Jr. While father Al practiced real estate law, mother Gege engaged in early childhood development. Bert studied English at Florida State University and joined Alpha Tau Omega after graduating from Jesuit High School.

His sixth year at FSU, “The Princeton Review” ranked it the top “party school” in America in 1997. Bert Kreischer was called “Bert Kreischer: The Undergraduate” by “Rolling Stone” for his wild parties. Oliver Stone considered filming his story.

After the Stone deal failed, a writer dubbed the main character “Van Wilder” and sold the script to National Lampoon. Reynolds starred in “National Lampoon’s Van Wilder” (2002). Bert remarked, “I’ve never seen it,” avoiding the 2014 picture. I wasn’t involved.”

The path of Bert Kreischer from collegiate legend to Hollywood fame is intriguing.

Bert Kreischer Career

Bert Kreischer began comedy at Tallahassee’s Potbelly’s. After emailing a recording of his program to talent agent Jason Steinberg, he was invited to explore New York City comedy. Doorman of the Boston humor Club in Greenwich Village, Bert appreciated humor. Will Smith’s production company gave him a sitcom months after moving to NYC, a turning point. His entertainment work increased. These included the 2001 short film “Prepare to Meet Thy God” and the 2004 DVD “National Lampoon Live: New Faces – Volume 2”. It was animated for Comedy Central’s “Shorties Watchin’ Shorties.” Bert appeared on “Alpha Mail” (2007) and “Reality Bites Back” (2008) with Amy Schumer and Tiffany Haddish. Bert’s climb from a Florida bar to entertainment shows his comic passion.

Comedy career of Bert Kreischer is rough. The 2009 Comedy Central special “Comfortably Dumb” marked his debut. He hosted 2010 Travel Channel show Bert the Conqueror.

From 2011 to 2015, Bert appeared on “Rachael Ray,” “Late Show with David Letterman,” “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” and “Conan”. He joked on “Master Debaters with Jay Mohr,” “Comics Unleashed,” “Last Call with Carson Daly,” “Lights Out with David Spade,” “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” and “This Is Not Happen

Travel Channel’s “Trip Flip” featured Bert’s comedy and love of travel from 2012 to 2015. His 2016 Showtime comedy special, “The Machine,” solidified his veteran status.

With “Secret Time” (2018) and “Hey Big Boy” (2020), Netflix became Bert’s comedy playground. “The Cabin with Bert Kreischer,” his 2020 reality program, employs a unique self-care method.

Bert Kreischer  Personal Life

Bert Kreischer married LeeAnn Kemp in December 2003 and had Georgia and Ila in 2004 and 2006. They live in Los Angeles, but LeeAnn hosts “Wife of the Party,” from Bert’s man cave.

Bert modestly replied, “Selfish,” when “Fatherly” enquired about parenting. Mediocre. Loving. Dads do well. Unfortunately, I’m not eligible.” His honest self-evaluation demonstrates his hilarious and practical fatherhood.

Bert discussed his Catholic upbringing and being more devoted than his family in the discussion. However, LeeAnn’s atheism led them to not religiously raise their children. Their open-minded parenting and respect for others’ ideas are evident.

Bert Kreischer’s height and weight 

In 2023, famed American comedian Bert Kreischer turned 50. Bert Kreischer’s height of 185 centimeters (6 feet 1 inch) and weight of 102 kilogrammes (224 pounds) matches his cartoonish theatrical persona.

Age50 years old
Height185 cm(6’1”)
Weight(224 lbs) 102 kg

Who Is Bert Kreischer Wife Leeann Kreischer?

In Bowdon, Georgia, Leeann Kreischer was born on August 19, 1971. Growing up in Georgia, she attended Bowdon High School. She went to Georgia after high school. To work in Hollywood, she left Georgia.

Writing was her first LA passion. She wrote the Dream Street band-starring teen comedy “My Biggest Fan” in 2002. In 2000, Leeann played a nurse in the short film “Destiny Stalled”. She was recognized for her 2021 and 2020 appearances on “Well Done with Sebastian Maniscalco” and “The Cabin with Kreischer”.

Leeann podcasts like her husband Bert in addition to her artistic work. Her weekly show is “Wife of the Party.” The show has 252 episodes and a 4.9-star rating from over 1,500 listeners as of December 12, 2022. She discusses important themes like love and family with her pals on the show.

Where is LeeAnn Kreischer’s hometown?

Famous celebrity partner Leeann Kreischer was born in Bowdon, Georgia, on August 20, 1971. In 2023, she will be 51. She is a proud Leo and American citizen.

Bert Kreischer And His Wife Have Been Married Since 2003

Bert and LeeAnn, both from the South, met in Los Angeles. Strangely, their first interactions were tense.

Bert reportedly kept his distance from LeeAnn, hesitant to define their connection. This pattern maintained until a major disagreement early on.

Bert and LeeAnn described the story on Dr. Drew After Dark. It involved a supper with LeeAnn and her pals when they discussed a disturbing acting class occurrence. Heated conversation followed a man lifting her skirt improperly.

Bert’s compassionate remark to the unknown man, spoken while drunk, outraged the women. Bert later regretted his actions and said he would never do it again.

Bert sent LeeAnn’s pals flowers and a letter to apologize. LeeAnn saw Bert crying in the bathtub when she visited him to discuss. He showed real regret, so she gave their relationship another shot.

They survived this difficult period and married in 2003. On Dr. Drew’s After Dark, LeeAnn and Bert explored their relationship strengths.

Bert excites them, which LeeAnn likes. She enjoys isolation, so Bert’s frequent travels enhance their connection. The couple lives in Los Angeles with Georgia and Ila, their daughters.

Leeann Kreischer and Bert Kreischer have two children.

Georgie Kreischer

Georgia Kreischer, Bert Kreischer’s older daughter, is noted for her lively personality and famous last name. Born June 8, 2004, she is 19 years old. Georgia, her parents, and her younger sister live in LA.

Ila Kreischer

Ila Kreischer, known as “Ilaker,” is the youngest Kreischer. Born July 19, 2007, she’s 16. Ila attended a private school in Los Angeles like her sister. She appeared on “The Cabin with Bert Kreischer” in 2020.

The comedian said in a podcast that his wife and kids are his top priority. He acknowledged that some of his prior decisions may have questioned this dedication, especially during his seven-year absence from them to fulfill a travel channel deal for his show “Bert the Adventurer.”

Bert says he uses his sense of humor, youthful spirit, and empathy to raise his girls, even when his instincts aren’t always right. He lets them playfully persuade him into eating a frozen doughnut, jumping into the pool, or shouting “I love you” at the top of their voices, mimicking his feelings.

Stand-Up Comedy

Kreischer’s stand-up debut was electric. Comic fans loved his strong stage presence and great storytelling. Bert played at comedy clubs, theaters, and festivals across the US. His live performances drove him to stardom and enhanced his stand-up comedy revenue.

Bert Kreischer couldn’t do anything without his wife

In March 2023, Bert thanked his wife, LeeAnn Kreischer, for his great success on the Are You Garbage? podcast. “I could not have done any of this without her. I picked the right girl.” LeeAnn was practically “related to everyone on the whole mile and a half road” where her family lived in a small Georgia town before meeting.

The church sign where she married Bert shows her family’s land has been important since 1840. LeeAnn: “Both my grandparents went to school in that church.” An only child, her mother sewed men’s clothing at the local factory and her father was a mechanic. LeeAnn and her mother moved to Atlanta, where her mother was the highest-paid model for a decade, after divorce.

LeeAnn transferred from West Georgia College to Georgia State. NYC called, so she didn’t finish her degree. “I moved to New York to study acting,” LeeAnn told the podcasters. After her city life wore her down, she tried Los Angeles, where the natural surroundings were rejuvenating. Writing continued after LeeAnn quit performing.

Television and Film

In addition to stand-up, Bert Kreischer has worked in film and TV. As host of the Travel Channel’s “Bert the Conqueror,” he encountered thrilling US challenges. Many TV specials and shows have starred Bert. These numerous opportunities boosted his renown and wealth.


  • “Bert the Conqueror” (2010-2011): Bert Kreischer appeared in this Travel Channel series, exploring amusement parks and festivals through adventurous rides and activities.
  • “Trip Flip” (2012–2014): Kreischer surprises unexpected people with a fully paid trip on another Travel Channel show.
  • “Bert Kreischer: Secret Time” (2018): Bert performs stand-up humor on family life and his eccentricities in this Netflix special.
  • Bert takes his comic buddies to a cabin in the woods for a humorous and adventurous vacation in “The Cabin with Bert Kreischer” (2020), a Netflix reality show.
  • The 2020 Netflix stand-up comedy special “Bert Kreischer: Hey Big Boy” features Kreischer’s wit and narrative.
  • Bert Kreischer judges “Go-Big Show” (2021), a talent show with extreme stunts.
  • Bert Kreischer Net Worth:14$ Million.


Bert Kreischer has appeared in several films, frequently in humorous parts or cameos. To diversify his entertainment career, he has worked in cinema as well as stand-up comedy and television hosting.

Bert Kreischer’s television and cinema work includes hosting travel and reality series and performing stand-up specials. His distinctive comic style and willingness to try new things have won many fans.

Other Ventures

Kreischer played Chunk in “The Goonies” in 1985. On the 2004 National Lampoon Live: New Faces – Volume 2 DVD, he performed stand-up.

Patiently growing his name earned him his first Comedy Central special, “Bert Kreischer: Comfortably Dumb”. Later, he did non-stand-up comedy. His 2020 reality program titled Bert the Conqueror.

The Bert podcast began in 2012. Kreischer co-hosts 2 Bears 1 Cave and Bill and Bert and presents Bertcast. He appeared on Joe Rogan, Tom Segura, Ethan Klein, and Tim Dillon podcasts. He debuted on Netflix in 2018 with “Bert Kreischer: Secret Time”. This is his third Netflix special, Razzle Dazzle.

Bert Kreischer Friends List 

  • Tom Segura
  • Bobby Lee
  • Joe Rogan
  • Lemon Tree

Quick summary about Bert Kreischer 

  • The American comedian and podcaster Bert Kreischer is worth $14 million. Comical stand-up specials, TV hosting, and popular podcasts have made him famous.
  • Bert’s family, real estate interests in Los Angeles and Tampa, Florida, and his rise from campus legend to cinematic impact are exposed.


Last, Bert Kreischer, “The Machine,” is a comedy and entertainment legend. Comedy, television, and podcasting made him $14 million in 2023. His fascinating stand-up and storyline have won over fans. Bert’s dedication and talent from college party animal to Hollywood celebrity is amazing.

Bert’s “Bert the Conqueror” TV show and entertaining podcasts have enhanced his influence and income. His honest fatherhood and respect for his family’s beliefs show his humorous and practical parenting. Bert and LeeAnn’s Los Angeles and Tampa real estate investments show their ability to manage life on both coasts. Bert Kreischer Net Worth is 14$ M.

She is excellent comedy career, entertainment projects, and online presence continue to make waves. His story of how a college legend became a Hollywood star encourages new comedians. Bert’s varied career and personal life demonstrate his talent and potential.


Q: Who’s Bert Kreischer?

A: American comedian and entertainer Bert Kreischer is known as “The Machine.” His dynamic stand-up and compelling storytelling are renowned.

Q: How much Bert Kreischer Net Worth

A: Bert Kreischer’s $14 million net worth in 2023 comes from his comic, television, and podcasting careers.

Q: Which Bert Kreischer comedy specials are famous?

A: Bert Kreischer’s comedy specials “Comfortably Dumb” (2009), “The Machine” (2016), “Secret Time” (2018), “Hey Big Boy” (2020), and “Razzle Dazzle” (2023) were hits.

Q: Bert: Kreischer Podcast Name?

A: Bert Kreischer presents “Bertcast” and co-hosts “2 Bears 1 Cave” with Tom Segura and “Bill and Bert” with Bill Burr.

Q: What TV shows did Bert Kreischer host?

A: Bert Kreischer hosted Travel Channel’s “Bert the Conqueror”. Several TV shows have included him as a guest.

Q: Where was Bert Kreischer born?

A: On November 3, 1972, in St. Petersburg, Florida, Bert Kreischer was born.

Q: Is Bert Kreischer married?

A: Bert Kreischer wed LeeAnn Kemp. Two daughters live with the couple in Los Angeles.

Q: Bert Kreischer’s religious and parenting philosophy?

A: Bert Kreischer is a “selfish, mediocre, and loving” father. He is Catholic, but his wife is atheist, therefore they don’t raise their kids religiously.

Q: How did Bert Kreischer become a comedian?

A: Bert Kreischer started his comedy career after talent agency Jason Steinberg invited him to New York City. He earned comedy fame immediately.

Q: Bert Kreischer’s future plans?

A: Bert Kreischer maintains his comedy and entertainment career. His next projects include a comedy based on his “train robbery” stand-up routine.

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