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Adelaido Payo Solís

Mexican-American singer Adelaido “Payo” Solís III is renowned for his skills. His lead singing with Grupo Frontera made him famous. Born March 23, 2003, he is a regional music icon. His Grupo Frontera contributions expanded the band’s popularity. Regional Mexican music fans enjoy Adelaido’s voice and songs.

Who is Adelaido “Payo ” Solís

Mexican-American singer and performer, is also known as Adelaido Solís. He was born March 23, 2003. Adelaido is mostly known as Grupo Frontera’s principal singer. Adelaido is a regional Mexican music sensation due to his talent and charisma. Grupo Frontera’s frontman has won many fans. Music industry artist Adelaido “Payo” Solís is renowned for his enticing voice and musical abilities.

Personal Information 

Full name Adelaido Solís III
Age  20 years old
Birth dateMarch 23, 2003
Occupation Singer and musician
By name Payo
Nationality American and Mexican
Couple Kaitlyn Rodríguez (2022-2023)
Band Grupo Frontera
Parents Norma A. Solís
Payo Solís II
Zodiac signPisces


Adelaido is Rio Grande Valley Mexican family’s oldest. His family consists of father Payo Solís, a Tidal Power Services employee, mother Norma Solís, and two younger sisters. Adelaido played bajo quinto as a kid.

Love & relationship

Adelaido and Kaitlyn Rodríguez confirmed their romance on April 12, 2022, on social media. Their love was public. Kaitlyn divorced from the musician on social media in May 2023, ending the perfect relationship. The time was difficult for both.

Kaitlyn reveals Adelaido “Payo” Solís was her first lover, deepening their relationship. It failed owing to minor issues. First-love relationships are hard.

Kaitlyn discussed her interactions with the artist’s family. Family dynamics may affect any relationship, and they had problems.

Grupo Frontera, Adelaido “Payo” Solís’ rise to stardom

Adelaido worked for Grupo Frontera, an unknown Mexican regional music group that played locally as a hobby, after graduating high school. The McAllen, Texas band wanted Adelaido to sing and play the bajo quinto on their first EP.

Adelaido and Grupo Frontera succeeded unexpectedly. After 16 hours of work, their cover of Morat’s “No se va,” went popular on streaming platforms and social media. TikTok marketed the song with unexpected star Elmer, the red-cap dancer.

Since recording “No se va” at 19, Adelaido Solis’ career and life have flourished. Adelaide “Payo Solis” has toured widely with Grupo Frontera and garnered international fame.


Adelaido Solís’ family has a traditional naming tradition. Adelaido Solís III is honored by a long-standing family tradition. Names like Layo Solís I, II, and III have been inherited. Many families utilize generational naming to honor family history. It remembers their ancestors.

Before fame 

Adelaido Solís (aka “Payo”) developed his bajo quinto skills early on. Grupo Frontera in McAllen, Texas, recruited him after high school, surprising him. Thus began his musical and singing career with the trio.

Family Life 

Adelaido Solís, the oldest in a Mexican-rooted Rio Grande Valley family, with two younger sisters. Family and heritage affected his music career.

Adelaido began dating Kaitlyn Rodríguez in April 2022. They broke up after struggling. Adelaido and Kaitlyn split despite their best efforts.

Interesting Facts about Adelaido Payo Solís

Here are some intriguing facts about Adelaido “Payo” Solís:

  • Adelaido Solís’ musical history is rooted in his family. Adelaido Solís III was named after father Payo Solís II and grandfather Layo Solís I.
  • His early music career included the Mexican bajo quinto. Early music influenced him.
  • Adelaido Solís was unexpectedly recruited by Grupo Frontera in McAllen, Texas, following his high school graduation. He started his music career as the band’s lead singer.
  • The public has been interested in Adelaido’s cousins and family. His family’s closeness fascinates fans.
  • Adelaido’s connection with Kaitlyn Rodríguez gained social media attention. After dating since April 2022, they split in May 2023 over difficulties.
  • Adelaido “Payo” Solís, a young singer, is a notable member of Grupo Frontera. His unique voice and Mexican ethnic music have made him famous.
  • Adelaido shares his personal and professional life with admirers on social media. Social media has increased his reach.


In summary, Adelaido “Payo” Solís III, born on March 23, 2003, is a Mexican-American singer and musician, best known as the lead vocalist of Grupo Frontera, a Mexican regional band. Adelaido, from the Mexican Rio Grande Valley, started playing bajo quinto before joining Grupo Frontera after high school.

Adelaido’s sweet voice and unique style made Grupo Frontera famous. TikTok helped Adelaido Solís’ 19-year-old cover of Morat’s “No se va” acquire popularity on streaming platforms and social media. He has since toured extensively with Grupo Frontera, becoming famous worldwide.

Adelaido’s personal life alongside his music has received attention. He declared his relationship with Kaitlyn Rodríguez in April 2022, attracting attention. Social media says the relationship ended in May 2023 owing to problems. Kaitlyn’s details show how family influences first-love relationships.

Adelaido’s close bond with his Mexican music-loving parents and two younger sisters reveals how family and tradition affected his career. Family name history, with Adelaido Solís III following his father Payo Solís II and grandfather Layo Solís I, adds cultural value to his identity.

Adelaido “Payo” Solís, a Grupo Frontera member, interacts with fans on social media to expand his reach and maintain connections. His story is about musical success and celebrity/public connection challenges.


Q: Who is Adelaido “Payo” Solís?

A: Adelaido “Payo” Solís III, a Mexican-American singer and musician. Lead singer of Mexican regional band Grupo Frontera.

Q: Adelaido Solís is famous for what?

A: Adelaido Solís is a well-known vocalist in Grupo Frontera, specializing in Mexican regional music.

Q: What is Adelaido Solís’ musical background?

A: Adelaido Solís comes from a musical family. Grupo Frontera in McAllen, Texas, surprised him by recruiting him after high school after he learned the bajo quinto.

Q: Why is he called “Adelaido Solís III”?

A: Adelaido reflects his family’s music. His father was Payo Solís II, and his grandfather was Layo Solís I. In keeping with tradition, he became Adelaido Solís III.

Q: What are some noteworthy facts about Adelaido “Payo” Solís?

A: Adelaido loves his Mexican music-loving family. Early music education gave him an unconventional music career start. His relationship with ex-girlfriend Kaitlyn Rodríguez was also of attention.

Q: How can fans engage with Adelaido “Payo” Solís?

A: Adelaido’s personal and professional life can be followed on social media. Social media has increased his reach.

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