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Abby Boom

After joining YeahMad’s ensemble, Australian social media comic Abby Boom has gained a large following. Abby has a large following on TikTok and Instagram, where she posts funny content.

While Abby Boom’s height, appearance, figures, age, family, education, professional history, and partner may change, her humorous talent and online presence have contributed to her popularity. Abby Boom’s fame is rising as she engages her audience with hilarious postings and YeahMad collaborations. Check her official social media pages and previous interviews for the latest personal and professional information.

Quick facts 

Real NameAbby
NicknameAbby Boom
Current Age26 (as of 2023)
Date of Birth24 October 1997
Place of BirthAustralia
Zodiac SignScorpio
CollegeNot Known
ProfessionYouTuber, Internet star
Famous ForAppearing on YeahMad

Abby Boom Birthday, Age, and Bio

Abby Boom Born on October 24, 1997, in Sydney, Australia, Abby Boom will turn 26 this year. Abby occasionally shares family photos and videos, but she keeps most of her family information private. Abby’s parents are unknown, however she has a brother named Jake and a sister named Sophie. The comedian’s internet presence is personalised by her relationship with her siblings, demonstrating the value of family. Abby Boom’s social media followers love her infrequent family updates while she navigates her humorous career.

Short Bio And Some Quick Facts

Complete/Real NameAbigail Rose Boom
Famous NameAbby Boom
DOBOctober 24, 1997
Age26 years
Place of BirthSydney, Australia
Zodiac SignScorpio
Height5 feet 6 inches
Weight59 kg
Body Measurements34-25-35
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBlue
Job/BusinessSocial media personality, comedian, actress
ParentsUpdate Soon
SiblingsSophie Boom (Sister)Jake Boom (Brother)
Dog NameMilo
EducationUniversity of Sydney
Net Worth (As of 2023)Approximately 100,000 US Dollars
Category Biography


School in Sydney, Australia, launched Abby Boom’s career in comedy and entertainment. At a local school, she developed her love of comedy and acting, participating in theatrical performances and events. Her early school activities prepared her for the entertainment world.

Following school, Abby attended the Academy of Contemporary Music to study music. Her music studies led to her 2019 graduation. This academic endeavour showed her dedication to improving her creative arts talents and understanding.

Abby also joined social media to seek popularity. She created and shared videos on multiple platforms with close pals. She became a social media comic after this strategy showcased her comedic talents to a wider audience.

Abby Boom’s journey from school play performances to music teaching and digital fame shows her passion to the arts and willingness to try new things. Her experiences in traditional and digital entertainment shape her unique comic style and growing appeal.

Height and Physical Appearance

Abby Boom is 5’6″ and weighs 59 kg. Her light brown hair and fascinating brown eyes make her attractive and unique. Her 34-25-35 dimensions show a well-proportioned and lovely body. Abby’s appearance enhances her charm and charisma on and off television.


Abby Boom has shared glimpses of her family life on social media without naming her parents. Despite her family not being prominent people, Abby has shared some family details in her articles.

Abby’s social media shows a tight relationship with her parents, who she hasn’t named. Some films show her parents actively participating in her hilarious routines, demonstrating their closeness and support for her creativity.

Jake, Abby’s brother, is a musician who posts cover songs on YouTube. In “Singing with My Brother” and “Sibling Tag,” the siblings share hobbies in videos. Abby’s sister Sophie, a dancer and student, appears in her TikTok videos.

Abby Boom shows her fans her supportive family upbringing, which undoubtedly shaped her creative career. Abby’s projects with her brother and sister show the importance of family in her life and business.


Abby Boom is unmarried and has never been spotted with anyone. Abby keeps her personal life private and posts mostly about her job, collaborations, and friends on social media.

Videos and photos of her colleagues and best friends on social media show her excellent professional and personal relationships. Abby has opted not to discuss her sexual relationships, but she does share her profession and activities.

Abby Boom is single. She appears to be focused on her job and personal improvement at this stage. Keeping her sexual life private allows public figures to maintain a sense of seclusion within their careers.

For the latest information on Abby Boom’s personal life and relationship status, check her official social media sites or recent interviews where she may discuss her life beyond the spotlight.

Early years:

Australian Abby Boom is a Scorpio born on October 24. Abby is her preferred name despite her astrological alignment. Although her educational history is unknown, she completed high school, a major intellectual achievement. Abby keeps her personal life private, not discussing her schooling beyond high school.


Abby Boom’s early career employment and qualifications are kept private. Before becoming famous on YeahMad, Abby made funny movies with her friends and posted them on TikTok. This platform let her express her comic talents and reach more people.

Abby joined YeahMad’s YouTube cast, which includes Sammy Walsh, Akila, Matt, Alan, and others. Joining this channel undoubtedly allowed Abby to collaborate with other content makers and reach more people.

From generating material on TikTok to joining the YeahMad YouTube channel, Abby Boom’s digital entertainment career has progressed. Abby’s hilarious contributions and partnerships with varied talents boost her online content creation profile while she navigates her career.

In 2019, Abby Boom’s TikTok account launched her digital content career. Her breakthrough came in 2023 when she appeared on YeahMad’s “Dad Jokes”. Abby became famous for her wit and humour after appearing in 6 episodes.

YeahMad’s little video with Abby had 7.5 million Instagram views. She became a permanent cast member after doing well on YeahMad, confirming her role as a valuable contributor.

Abby interacts with Instagram and TikTok followers. She creates replies, challenges, and parodies on TikTok, demonstrating her versatility. Her Instagram profile shows lovely photos of her family, coworkers, and acquaintances.

Abby Boom has a large social media following due to her interesting and amusing material. With 111k Instagram followers and 79k TikTok followers, she gives glimpses of her life and entertains a varied audience. Abby’s rise from TikTok to YeahMad’s cast shows her digital entertainment influence.

Yeah Mad TV

Yeah Mad TV, a popular YouTube channel noted for its comedies, parodies, spoofs, and challenges, stars Abigail Rose Boom, as Abby Boom. In 2019, Abby joined the channel, bringing her humorous talents to many videos as different personas.

Abby’s quick wit, hilarious mannerisms, and diverse accents have left a lasting effect on popular videos including “Dad Jokes | Don’t Laugh Challenge | Abby vs Akila,” “Abby’s Hilarious Grape Joke! When Colours Collide on Yeah Mad TV,” and “New character or @MATTY P 2.0?”

Her hilarious performances and challenges have made Yeah Mad TV popular. Abby’s colourful personality and humorous flare have helped make the channel a viewer favourite, demonstrating her versatility and unique contributions to online comedy entertainment.

A Few Facts About Abby Boom

  • Abby started her YouTube channel in 2020 aged 22 to showcase her creativity.
  • Abby bonds closely with Yeah Mad TV members Matty P, Akila Rajan, and Sathya Nithi, creating a collaborative and supportive environment.
  • Abby loves travelling, having visited Bali, Thailand, New Zealand, and Fiji, making memories.
  • Abby loves Harry Potter and Game of Thrones, showing her interests outside of humour.
  • Abby plays the piano and guitar, demonstrating her musical talent beyond comedy routines.
  • A rose tattoo on Abby’s left arm expresses her uniqueness and creativity.
  • Abby loves pizza, sushi, and ice cream, showing her love of variety.
  • Her style is vibrant and personal, with pink and blue being her favourite colours.
  • Abby pursues her dream of hosting her own Netflix show with determination and excitement, demonstrating her commitment to her entertainment career.

Abby Boom’s Net Worth

The latest estimate puts Abby Boom’s net worth around $100,000. She makes money from several sources, including her YeahMad YouTube channel, where she is paid well per episode. Being a constant YeahMad cast member has boosted her earnings.

In addition to YouTube, Abby makes money on social media. Her financial success may be due to her TikTok and Instagram accounts, where she interacts with followers and shares personal moments.

Abby’s YouTube channel might generate ad money and brand collaborations.

Abby Boom’s net worth may rise as she builds her digital entertainment business and online presence. Endorsements, brand alliances, and other business activities may affect net worth estimates.

Social Media Contacts

FacebookUpdate Soon

Facts about Abby

  • Her ethnicity and nationality is Australian.
  • She loves traveling and visiting other countries.
  • She loves nature.
  • Her zodiac sign is Aries.
  • She is single.
  • She is unmarried.


Finally, Abby Boom, born Abigail Rose Boom, is an Australian social media comedian who became renowned after joining YeahMad. October 24, 1997-born Abby turns 26. While keeping her personal life private, she occasionally discusses her family, especially her brother Jake and sister Sophie.

Sydney student Abby fell in love with comedy and acting and entered the entertainment industry. 2019 Academy of Contemporary Music graduate. Abby’s TikTok debut showed her humour and led to her collaboration with YeahMad.

Abby is 5’6″ with light brown hair and intriguing brown eyes. She values her musician brother Jake and content-creating sister Sophie.

Abby is single because she prefers solitude and her career. She is a regular cast member on YeahMad and has a significant social media following from her amusing videos. Abby might make $100,000 in 2023 with YeahMad, social media, and YouTube.

Due to her quick wit, amusing mannerisms, and different accents, Abby Boom is a popular online comedian. Abby hopes to host her own Netflix show and succeed in the entertainment industry. Abby Boom’s official social media pages and interviews provide the most recent information on her life.

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