Kylin Kalani Age: How Old She Is? Biography, Career, Early Life and More

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Kylin Kalani Age

Kylin Kalani age
18 years old

Kylin Kalani age

Kylin Kalani age 18 years old, Kylin Kalani, born on December 30, 2005, has emerged as a remarkable figure in the American modeling scene. Her journey through the world of fashion has been nothing short of extraordinary, marked by a series of notable achievements that have firmly established her as a standout talent in the industry. A pivotal moment in her career came when she took center stage as the showstopper at the prestigious “Rising Fashion Show,” captivating audiences with her undeniable talent and charisma.

Since her captivating performance at the “Rising Fashion Show,” Kylin has continued to shine brightly in the spotlight. She has become a familiar face in commercials for renowned swimwear brands, effortlessly embodying the essence of each brand she represents. Kylin’s ability to seamlessly showcase the allure and style of these brands has made her a highly sought-after model in the industry.

However, Kylin’s talents extend far beyond the realm of modeling. Displaying remarkable versatility, she has ventured into the world of acting, leaving an indelible mark on various platforms. From appearing in an iPhone commercial to making waves on the television show “Rising Star,” Kylin has proven herself as a multifaceted talent. These forays into acting not only underscore her acting prowess but also solidify her status as one of the country’s youngest and most promising talents. Indeed, Kylin Kalani has earned the title of a showstopper in her own right, captivating audiences and industry insiders alike with her exceptional skills and undeniable charm.

Who is Kylin Kalani?

Who is Kylin Kalani?

Kylin Kalani, a versatile American personality, has carved her niche in the digital realm, particularly on Instagram, where she boasts a substantial following. Her captivating posts, showcasing her in stunning swimsuits and spring attire, have garnered her an impressive hundred thousand followers. Beyond her social media prowess, Kylin extends her reach through blogging, where she skillfully shares her diverse interests and talents.

A pinnacle moment in Kylin’s career unfolded during New York Fashion Week in 2018, catapulting her into the illustrious fashion scene. This marked the beginning of her ascent to stardom. Collaborating with esteemed designers such as Prom Girl XO, Boutine LA, Love Baby J, Joans Bridal, Rubens Osbaldo, Fouzias Couture, and Aubretia Dance, Kylin further cemented her status as a coveted model. Her journey stands as a testament to her versatility and innate talent, propelling her toward greater heights in the realms of fashion and entertainment.

Profile Summary of Kylin Kalani

Full/Real name Kylin Kalani
Birth date 30 Dec 2005
BirthplaceLos Angeles, California, United States
Current ResidenceLos Angeles, California, United States
Age (As of 2023)18 years old
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Ethnicity Mixed
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital statusSingle
Lucky Number4
Lucky StoneTopaz
Lucky ColorBrown
EducationGraduation (Pursuing)
ProfessionInstagram Star, Actress, Model, Singer, Blogger, Social Media Influencer

Kylin Kalani Early Life And Education

Kylin Kalani Early Life And Education

Kylin Kalani, a captivating figure in the realm of social media, graced the world on December 30, 2005, born in the United States under the steadfast sign of Capricorn. While she maintains a level of privacy regarding her parental background, it’s understood that her father navigates the world of business while her mother tends to the homefront. Holding American citizenship and bearing the heritage of white Caucasian descent, Kylin shares a familial bond with a brother who, like her, is drawn to the world of modeling, suggesting an inherited penchant for fashion.

Regarding her academic pursuits, the 16-year-old sensation could potentially be nearing the culmination of her high school journey or may have already crossed that milestone. However, Kylin opts to shroud this facet of her life in secrecy. Embarking on her modeling odyssey during her formative years in elementary school, Kylin’s early immersion in the industry laid the foundation for her remarkable journey. Beyond the confines of the runway, she finds solace and joy in musical expression, proficient in singing and strumming the strings of the guitar, alongside indulging in the profound worlds crafted within the pages of books.

Furthermore, Kylin ventured into the digital domain, unveiling her YouTube channel on October 8, 2018. Although specifics regarding her subscriber count remain undisclosed, her captivating content has garnered an impressive tally of over 8 million views, signaling a profound resonance with her audience. Through her multifaceted endeavors, Kylin Kalani continues to captivate and inspire, leaving an indelible mark on the realms of modeling, music, and digital expression.

Kylin Kalani Height, Weight And Other Features

Kylin Kalani Height, Weight And Other Features
Weight55kg (121 pounds)
Eye colorBlack
Hair colorDark Brown
Body shapeVoluptuous

Kylin Kalani possesses a commanding presence, standing at an impressive height of 5 feet 7 inches. Her stature not only sets her apart but also hints at the potential for further growth into adulthood. Accentuating her striking appearance is her beautifully proportioned physique, which she maintains through a regimen of balanced nutrition. Tipping the scales at approximately 55 kilograms (121 pounds), Kylin’s fashion choices expertly showcase her curvaceous body shape. Her dark brown hair, complemented by deep black eyes and fair skin, adds to the captivating allure that defines her unique beauty.

Kylin Kalani Career

Kylin Kalani Career

Kylin Kalani’s ascent to social media stardom and influencer status at such a tender age is undeniably impressive. Through platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, she has cultivated a vast and dedicated following, showcasing her innate charm and appeal to the masses. Her journey into the world of modeling commenced in her early years, fueled by an unwavering passion for the industry and a magnetic presence that captivates all who encounter her.

The turning point in Kylin’s career came in 2018 when she landed a coveted spot in an Apple iPhone advertisement, marking the inception of her flourishing modeling career. The same year, her talent illuminated the runways of New York Fashion Week (NYFW), earning her widespread acclaim and catching the discerning eyes of industry insiders. This initial success paved the way for a triumphant return to NYFW in 2020, further solidifying her status as a luminary in the fashion realm. Additionally, Kylin has graced the catwalks of Los Angeles Fashion Week, showcasing her modeling prowess on yet another prestigious stage.

Collaborating with esteemed fashion designers such as Prom Girl XO, Boutine LA, Love Baby J, Aubretia Dance, and Chick has further elevated Kylin’s profile within the industry. Her strategic utilization of social media platforms, particularly Instagram, has been instrumental in propelling her career forward, captivating audiences with breathtaking photos and videos, especially featuring exotic swimsuits.

Beyond her modeling endeavors, Kylin has ventured into the realm of acting, making waves as a star model on the television show Rising Star, dedicated to discovering and promoting fresh talent within the fashion industry. Through her unwavering dedication, innate talent, and savvy use of social media, Kylin has scaled remarkable heights in her career, establishing herself as a force to be reckoned with in the fashion world, all at a remarkably young age.

Kylin Kalani Perosnal Life (Boyfriend)

Kylin Kalani Perosnal Life (Boyfriend)

Kylin Kalani, much akin to her parents, opts to maintain a veil of secrecy around her dating life, preferring to shield it from the prying eyes of the public. The Instagram sensation keeps her personal affairs close to the chest, leaving fans and followers intrigued about the romantic chapters of her life. With her widespread allure and captivating presence on social media, it’s plausible that Kylin has garnered attention from numerous admirers. Yet, she remains tight-lipped about whether any of these suitors have managed to capture her heart.

Despite her burgeoning fame and the spotlight she attracts, Kylin’s choice to safeguard her dating life underscores her commitment to preserving a sense of privacy and prioritizing her career. As a prominent figure in the modeling industry, she places a premium on professionalism and discretion in matters of the heart. While speculation may run rampant among fans regarding her romantic entanglements, Kylin’s decision to maintain secrecy serves as a testament to her dedication to safeguarding her personal space and identity.

Kylin Kalani Hobbies and interests

Kylin Kalani Hobbies and interests
HobbiesLearning the clarinet, acting, traveling
InterestsActing, animals, traveling
PetsTwo dogs named Maddie and Ande
TravelHas visited several US states and countries like England
InspirationalServes as an inspiration to many young people, demonstrating that dreams can be pursued and achieved at a young age
GrowthContinues to exceed expectations and achieve new heights as she grows older, leaving many intrigued about her future career path

Kylin Kalani’s vibrant personality shines through her eclectic array of interests and hobbies. Currently immersing herself in the world of music, she is diligently learning to play the clarinet while actively seeking out acting opportunities, eagerly attending auditions for television roles. Beyond her artistic pursuits, Kylin’s deep affection for animals is palpable through the presence of her two beloved dogs, Maddie and Ande, who frequently grace the frames of her Instagram photos.

Fueling her adventurous spirit, Kylin finds joy in traversing both domestic and international landscapes, exploring various states across the US and venturing as far as England. Her globetrotting escapades serve as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring youth, demonstrating that dreams are not bound by age but rather fueled by determination and passion. As Kylin continues to defy expectations and ascend to new heights, the world eagerly awaits to witness the evolution of her burgeoning career and the remarkable journey that lies ahead.

Kylin Kalani net worth

Kylin Kalani net worth

Kylin Kalani stands as one of the most affluent young models in the fashion realm, boasting an impressive net worth that solidifies her status as a formidable force in the industry. As of 2021, her estimated net worth reaches a remarkable $700,000, a testament to her unparalleled success as an influencer, blogger, and social media luminary. Central to her financial triumph is her soaring popularity on Instagram, a platform where she has clinched numerous brand endorsements and lucrative influencer deals.

Reports suggest that Kylin garners a substantial income ranging between $100,000 to $300,000 annually from these coveted brand collaborations and modeling engagements. Her adeptness at capitalizing on her social media presence and leveraging her widespread appeal has undoubtedly propelled her toward such significant financial heights. Kylin’s financial prosperity not only underscores her entrepreneurial prowess but also cements her position as a trailblazing figure within the fashion and influencer spheres.

Interesting Facts About Kylin Kalani

Interesting Facts About Kylin Kalani
  • Kylin Kalani frequently shares lip-sync videos across her social media platforms.
  • She is the proud owner of a dog named Marshmallow.
  • During Detroit Fashion Week, Kylin dazzled in a bespoke creation by Ruben Osbaldo.
  • Swimming is one of Kylin’s favorite pastimes.
  • In November 2021, she inked a deal with Korean American Model for South Korea.
  • Kylin regularly documents her daily experiences on her social media channels.
  • She relishes spending time with her friends and fellow actors.
  • An avid animal enthusiast, Kylin often collaborates on photoshoots featuring cats and dogs..

Kylin Kalani Social Media Account

Instagramhandle @kylinkalani581K
TikTokNot specified80K
YouTubeKylin KalaniNot specified

Kylin Kalani maintains an active and engaging presence across various social media platforms, providing her audience with captivating glimpses into her life. Her primary Instagram account, “kylinkalani,” boasts an impressive following of 581K, where she shares a curated collection of photos and updates. For a more exclusive peek into her world, Kylin offers a private second account, “kylinkalani.exclusive,” with 238K followers. On Twitter, she connects with fans through her 4,900-strong following, while showcasing her creativity and personality on TikTok, where she has amassed 80K followers. Kylin’s YouTube channel, under the name Kylin Kalani, serves as another avenue for sharing content with her audience, though exact subscriber numbers remain unspecified. Through her diverse array of social media platforms, Kylin keeps her fans connected and entertained, showcasing her multifaceted talents and interests.


Kylin Kalani, born on December 30, 2005, in the United States, has established herself as a prominent figure in various fields including modeling, acting, singing, and social media influencing. She first gained widespread recognition as a showstopper on the esteemed “Rising Fashion Show” and has since appeared in commercials for prominent swimwear brands, as well as featuring in an iPhone commercial and the television show “Rising Star.” Kylin’s modeling portfolio includes collaborations with renowned designers such as Prom Girl XO, Boutine LA, Love Baby J, Joans Bridal, Rubens Osbaldo, Fouzias Couture, and Aubretia Dance.

With a substantial following across platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, Kylin’s social media presence continues to flourish, boasting over 545,000 followers on Instagram alone as of 2021. Despite her public prominence, Kylin maintains a guarded approach to her personal life, keeping details about her family background and dating status private. She delights in sharing snippets of her daily life on social media, indulging in her passion for swimming during her leisure time, and cherishing moments spent with friends and co-actors. An avid animal lover, Kylin frequently collaborates on photo shoots featuring cats and dogs, further adding to her multifaceted persona.

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